Jewish Voters

…are furious at Democrats’ defense of Omar.

Meh. Let’s see what they actually do about it.

[Tuesday-afternoon update]

“Like Esther and Mordecai, Jews must not tolerate those who wish to destroy us.”:

I am not suggesting that every Jew should now vote Republican, although that is one of the choices. And this suggestion has nothing to do with and no bearing on supporting or not supporting President Trump. This is about the health of the Democratic Party.

I am suggesting that we should emulate the courage of Mordecai and Esther. Every Jewish Democrat must take a clear stand and withhold all support until the party returns to its traditional values regarding Israel and anti-Semitism. The Democrats are convinced that no matter how they abuse us, we will not turn away. But we must step away, both with votes and finances, until the party puts a stop to the outrageous behavior on the part of this trio. The Democrats need to realize that by accepting this anti-Semitism, they will lose all of their Jewish support.

By embracing this concept of “Jexodus,” Jews can make a clear statement to Democratic leaders, and force them to re-evaluate their values and their obligations. The danger is clear: unless we stop these hate-filled anti-Semites from controlling the Democratic Party, we are all in a very real and present danger.

The money is more important than the votes.


[Sunday-morning update]

When they come for the Jews, they won’t ask questions:

American Jewry is at a crossroads.  The vast majority of American Jews will continue to cling to their familiar ancestral belief system; it’s all they know.  To change now would be to deny everything their family members and they, themselves, have lived for.  But before they bury their heads in the sand once again, they should at least hear these simple truths.  When our enemies came for us during the Holocaust, they did not ask if we were Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or secular Jews.  Neither were they interested in any past service we rendered for the state.  We were Jews.  That was all that mattered.  If history repeats itself, when our enemies come for us once again, they will not ask if we are Israelis or Zionists.  They will not care if we marched in Selma, Alabama; protested against apartheid in South Africa; supported equal rights for women; advocated for the LBGTQ community; and campaigned for Hillary or Bernie.  It will matter that we are Jews.
Today’s anti-Semitism, unleashed by the Left and Islamists, is so visceral, virulent, vile, vicious, and vitriolic that it can no longer be justified under the guise of anti-Zionism.  In form, content, and message, it is exactly what was seen and heard during the heyday of the Third Reich.  It is what made the Holocaust possible.  What begins with a parade float in Belgium inevitably ends in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Treblinka.  This is the fate our enemies want for us.  This is why Tehran’s Ayatollah Khamenei rejoices that more Jews are moving to Israel — for one grand target.

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14 thoughts on “Jewish Voters”

  1. The party I thought cared about me…

    This is why identity politics is so damaging. It is a very human appeal but people focus less on policies than they do on tribalism. There is a perverse incentive to focus on tribalism and dehumanizing the other party in order to retain group identity. This is easier than putting forward good policies, if that is even an objective.

  2. My take is that the Democrats did a calculation; the districts where Jews make up a significant percentage of the electorate are districts that have a heavy democrat plurality. Therefor, the Jewish votes aren’t important, but, it can be politically useful to embrace anti-semitisim. Hence, they are.

    Remember, this is the party that was howling about Trump’s (false) anti semitisim just a few months back, but faced with real anti-semitisim, they become apologists of it, and in some cases outright embrace it.

    If not four double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

  3. It’s not anti-semitism.
    It’s not anti-zionism.

    It’s Judenhass. Pure, raging, bigoted hatred, and the urge for genocide.

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, only disgust for the evil.

    1. We all have a dog in this fight. The left always needs enemies to destroy. Without some designated “oppressor” class, their entire political philosophy falls apart. If they somehow succeeded in making the U.S. judenrein, there would always be another disfavored group to get its own turn in the barrel. How long do you really think it would take them to get around to you, boy-o?

  4. Unfortunately it seems the left don’t want left-wing Jews even though they’ve worked with the Democrats to destroy America, and many on the right–even those who admire Israel as a nation–don’t want left-wing Jews because they’ve worked with the Democrats to destroy America.

    It’s hard to imagine anything good coming from this.

    1. Well, this particular right-winger will take all the formerly left-wing Jews into the fold who want to come over.

      But I’m not interested in trying to make common cause with anyone who’s still down with the progressive left’s program with the teeny tiny exception of that pesky judenrein thing. If you don’t understand that the whole thing is rotten from top to bottom, I will happily leave you to your fate. People who spurn potential friends in favor of cleaving to those who hate and would destroy them deserve to be erased from the gene pool.

      1. I wasn’t talking about me. But I’ve seen a number of posts on right-wing forums in the last year or two along the lines of ‘Israel is a great country. Why can’t the New York Jews move there?’

        From what I’ve seen online, I just don’t think formerly-left-wing Jews are going to find many friends on the right either.

        1. I don’t frequent right-wing forums, but I wonder if the context of those comments isn’t more along the lines of “American left-wing Jews should go to Israel and see what’s real and what’s really at stake” as opposed to some antique John Birch-y wish to render the U.S. judenrein.

          In any case, the U.S. right has had no difficulty at all embracing both formerly left-wing Jews (David Horowitz) and Jews who have been right-wing from the get-go (Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro).

    1. Or maybe they’re just getting back to being the party of FDR.

      *scowls at his administration’s behavior back then*

  5. Good luck with that. Jewish people I know will NEVER EVER vote for a republican after they supported what happened in Charlottesville.

    “hey marched toward a statue of confederate General Robert E. Lee carrying tiki torches, swastikas and semi-automatic rifles and chanting slogans like “White lives matter” and “Jews will not replace us!” ”

    having neo nazis scream jews will not replace us and trump saying they are good people.. well good luck with that messaging.

    1. There were a lot of people in Charlottesville. Only a handful were white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Even they wouldn’t have been there if George Soros hadn’t paid for their bus tickets. And it wasn’t those few to whom Trump referred. That is a slander invented by the left-partisan press.

      No one in the Republican Party speaks well of neo-Nazis. But much of the House Democratic Caucus bent itself into a pretzel to avoid having even to wrist-slap Jihadi Black Barbi. In the Republican Party, open expression of Jew-hatred gets you exiled to the outer darkness. In the Democratic Party, it gets you elected to Congress where your colleagues all run interference for you.

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