8 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Identity Politics”

  1. In politics, as in geometry, when ideology runs along parallel lines the intersectionality is the empty set.

  2. Rand, NASAWatch just posted a .. weird story/tweet series about you. The multiple comment threads about this are not very nice either

    1. I took a look over there and can’t make head nor tail of what the story is supposed to be about. Most of the material referred to seems to be inaccessible, at least to me. Does one actually have to be a Twitter user to see tweets? Because, if so, that’s far to high a price to pay and I’ll chose to remain ignorant of what this is all about – or alleged to be about. Given that Cowing banned me from his site a couple years back for being an unrepentant AGW “denier,” I will say I’m not inclined to give either him or anyone who complains to him any benefit of any doubt about much of anything.

      1. I only read her tweets but near as I can tell, she posted some screencaps of out of context direct messages and framed them in bad faith. A reasonable person would not have interpreted them the way she framed them. It’s like what happened to the Covington kids, where the framing creates the perception and not the actual incident.

        I’m surprised that Cowing didn’t scold her for her crass Twitter timeline since propriety is so important to him. That dude appears to have a few screws loose and enjoys whatever personal grudges he creates with other people. He comes off as one of those, “Have you no class?” Type of people but who acts without class.

        1. I will simply say that, after sending private DMs between the two of us to Keith, without first complaining to me (after which I would have apologized, even there was no reason, and then had no further contact with her) she will not have to lie awake at night at the apparently horrific prospect of getting a job offer from me.

          1. Seems as though you dodged a bullet without even being aware anyone was shooting at you. One hopes the young woman in question is not typical of her generation, but I fear otherwise.

            Good luck with your endeavor, whatever it is. I look forward to its public revelation at some point.

        2. Well, he’s certainly prickly and thin-skinned. Class is one of those things I’ve long since learned never to expect from lefties. That way, on the few occasions I’ve encountered it, it comes as a pleasant surprise.

  3. Well, all I can say is that I’m sorry I engaged with that person at all. When someone complains to Keith Cowing about a job offer in what was supposedly a private conversation that was explicitly about not coming on to someone, for very good reason, not sure what to say, other that she’s now guaranteed to not get a job with me.

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