13 thoughts on “AOC”

  1. IMHO, AOC has actually accomplished something that seemed impossible; she’s dethroned that congressman who thought Guam was going to capsize as the dumbest member of congress.

    She’s certainly prolific about it too. It’s no wonder that many Republicans call her “the gift that keeps on giving.”

    1. That publicity also helps her. Maybe she’ll torpedo her chances before she gets a chance to do lasting damage, but not something I’d rely on.

  2. “Sure we elected Trump. Our excuse is Hilary Clinton. You elected AOC. What’s your excuse?”

  3. If Bolshevik Barbie’s stupidity had mass, it’d create a black hole that would swallow the Earth. She’s the poster child for educational malpractice.

    1. I’m pretty sure She Guevara’s stupidity is the “dark matter” astronomers have been looking for.

  4. The research required to write the linked piece on justoneminute.typepad.com shows that it wasn’t an easy question to answer. AOC was wrong, but I find it striking that some digging was required to arrive at the right answer. I don’t know what AOC knew or didn’t know when she first spoke about this issue but if someone knows about a 1943 proposal deliberated in the senate, but doesn’t know that Roosevelt was ultimately exempt from that proposal despite initial reservations from Democrats at the time, I wouldn’t conclude they are dumb. A declaration that is noteworthy for being dumb can usually debunked immediately without searching through archives. If you’re right about her dumbness, I’m sure you’ll find it easy to find better and less strained examples.

    1. It is trivially easy to find better example, but this one is not strained, particularly since she continues to double down on it. The 22th Amendment was not passed to prevent FDR from getting a fourth term. Period.

    2. She just parrots neo-marxist propaganda and false histories. She didn’t speak out of ignorance. She spoke the truth of the marxist view of the past.

      Marxism is ascending on the left, you should get hip to how it has taken over your party.

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