Joe Biden

I do think he’s getting a bad rap for his creepy behavior, but I’ve no idea where Piers Morgan gets the idea that he’s “one of America’s most decent men.” I don’t think that decent men accuse their political opponents of racism and a desire to put blacks back in chains. It’s particularly odious when it was his party that historically had that desire, and until the Civil War, literally did it.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s my browser, but I’m not seeing any text for your posts, even ones lower down. The comments are still fine, though.

  2. On my way up the page for today’s new posts, text began appearing on individual entry pages when I clicked to “Democrats and Socialism.” I’ll reverse course and try Refresh, see what happens.

  3. Creepy Uncle Joe is getting a bad rap but it is delightful watching Democrats get caught up by the new expectation that they follow the rules they have for everyone else. But it only goes so far, Democrats wont enforce these rules in a context that is meaningful, like Virginia.

    1. I dunno about a bad rap. I find the way he behaves around young girls on camera creepy as heck; there’s no way I’d let my daughter near him.

      And then there are the stories about his behaviour around Secret Service agents and their wives and daughters. But I’ve no idea whether they’re true or just more Democrat propaganda.

  4. Why is it the alleged party of rainbow diversity always seems to keep finding “front-runners” – Obama conspicuously excepted – who are white Struldbrugs?

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