The Equality Act

I think that Trump should declare himself the first female black lesbian president. I would if I were him, just to mock this insanity.

[Update a few minutes later]

Do sexual identity and gender laws violate the First Amendment?

And a woman whose family, and even her ex, are being persecuted and “investigated” because she “misgendered.”

2 thoughts on “The Equality Act”

  1. I’ve been doing a version of this for years responding to political polling on phones. Give a weird combination of answers and then blow up the demographics at the end. If I end up as an 18-year old black lesbian named Sanchez, I have done good.

    OTOH, this sounds a lot like the old Limbaugh male lesbian schtick – a woman trapped in a man’s body who likes sex with women. 25 years ago it was a parody. Sadly, not any more. Cheers –

  2. This is why the elites want the UK to stay in the EU and for the USA to be more like Europe, especially the UK. Thank goodness we have a constitution, for now…

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