3 thoughts on “The American College System”

  1. My sister in law noted that, back in the day, her university had all seniors take a writing exam as a requirement for graduation. Nearly half of her senior class failed the exam and had to take summer remedial English courses in order to pass the exam on the next attempt, whereupon they received their diploma.

    I hate the fact that my taxes are backstopping federal student loan guarantees that now exceed a trillion dollars. I would favor a national college exit exam, and should a certain percentage of students from a university fail that exam then no more federally-backstopped loans to students of that university until they start turning out students that can pass the exam. The status quo is not working, yet the government keeps flogging the same horse.

    1. Just get government out of the loan business, and the price will collapse and kids will stop taking worthless degrees, because no-one will loan them the money to do so.

      That will also slash college income, so they’ll be forced to lay off most of the commies.

      Government-backed student loans exist primarily to take money from taxpayers (and future taxpayers) and give it to communists in academia.

  2. CBS 60 Minutes ran a story last night about NYU’s School of Medicine is now tuition free. Because a key trustee (co-founder of The Home Depot) and the Dean of the Medical School got together and worked out an endowment system to provide the funding in perpetuity. Now NYU may be a bastion of Socialist group-think but if this sets a precedent that forces all major colleges to compete in this way, I’m all for it….

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