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  1. I don’t know if I’d bother poking at Biden over his version of his wife’s accident, since families sometimes have to tell some pretty big lies to cover up the pain of a tragedy. In this case, his version could’ve started as a way to make sure his two sons don’t blame their mother for what happened. “Don’t you boys ever say that! It wasn’t her fault, not in the slightest! The other guy was drinking!” Let that bake for about 30 years and it might have become his personal truth that gets him through the day.

    There is the fantastically less charitable reading of his claims, and that another politician is lying about their own biography to elicit sympathy and get votes, which is probably more likely. But he can slide on his accident story as long as everyone is in the know, like that uncle at the family reunion who insists that the government murdered his wife. Everyone nods in sympathy and quickly slides over to the baked beans.

    So, my take is that whether or not his story is a mask to cover a whole lot of pain or a cynical ploy that reveals a deep character flaw, I don’t want to crawl deep enough into his head to figure it all out when hyperventilating leftists are about to end his political career anyway.

    I was mightily amused that some of the outrage is rubbing off on Obama for allowing such a serial tactile offender to reign so freely for so long. Obama even came out and warned about the far left forming circular firing squads, perhaps unaware (unawareness being Obama’s signature trait) that the 20th century’s largest body counts came from the left forming firing squads to kill other leftists because that’s how the left’s purity spirals so often go.

    Society’s conservatives have long defended bedrock cultural and moral positions from rapid change, whereas progressives have always pushed to tear down and drastically alter those bedrock positions at an ever more furious pace. Well, with the ground shifting under their feet so rapidly, I want to gleefully shout “Being crushed in your own avalanche sucks, doesn’t it!”

    Three of their candidates are now voicing support for MS-13, and Gillibrand is no doubt working on ways to deflect from attacks that her parents were members of the NXIVM sex cult that kept Mexican women as slaves (Redstate story). The rest of the field must be feverishly reviewing their past statements to make sure they’ve never condemned pedophilia, child murder, predatory priests, or animal cruelty, nor come out in favor of families, stay-at-home moms, or cuddly puppies, just in case the left’s cultural avalanche hits bottom before the New Hampshire primaries and Charles Manson and El Chapo Guzman are left as the only viable candidates.

  2. I don’t feel any sympathy for Joe.

    It would be one thing for him to talk to his kids and tell them that the ‘bad guy who hit mommy was drunk’ in the privacy of their home. If that makes it easier for the family, then OK.

    But he didn’t do that. He went public and used that sympathy for an outright LIE for political gains. He even ignored the family’s pleas to stop sullying the name of their loved one. This is the horrific part of the story that changes it from “I need to cope” to “How can I use the death of my wife/children to further my own ambitions”.

  3. From the linked National Review page:

    Now I want to be clear — not in the Scientologist sense, but in the expository sense.

    Did anyone else find this particular sentence really bizarre? Did Goldberg really think there would be a lot of confusion on this point?

  4. Biden is a creepy dope. If he was not cognizant of how his touchy-feely antics are inappropriate then he’s clueless.

    I suspect he figured he could do what he wanted and not get called on it. But he forgot that his own party are Masters in the Art of the Politics of Personal Destruction.

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