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  1. I can’t take this guy seriously. He’s a gay man with an unpronouncable surname that starts with Butt and his husband’s first name is Chasten. We are living in a rejected “Parks and Recreation” script.

  2. I read the linked article, but I’m left wondering a) why you find him disgusting and b) what did he say that you think is nonsensical? The article is about “punching up” at Pence. This strategy makes sense if you think
    1) the mayor is attacking the former governor of Indiana in order to play to the Indiana voters and position himself for a future run for governor or other positions in state government 2) the mayor is running as a symbol for gay inclusion and he is being true to his convictions by attacking a former governor known outside of Indiana for legislation widely viewed as anti-gay. 3) the mayor is attacking Pence because the VP is capable of responding with logical arguments unlike the President 4) the mayor is attacking Pence because he personally knows Pence, including what he perceives as Pence’s weaknesses. 5) the mayor, like Pence, is sincerely interested in theological implications of a God who made people who are gay, or 6) the mayor, like Pence, is cynically using religion to score political points.

    Whatever Buttigig’s motivation, Pence is a much better contributor to the national discourse than Trump, and if Buttigig can draw him into the race, the whole country will benefit from it.

    1. He is attacking Pence because Democrats are bigots. The Democrat’s view of Pence has no relation to Pence as an actual human being but are a bigoted stereotype that dehumanizes him. The attacks aren’t arising out of the ether, they have been used by Democrats since the election.

      The lack of tolerance and bad faith characterization of people who disagree with far left ideology is not a benefit to the country.

      1. He is not attacking Pence, she is attacking straw-Pence. Pence is the man who said he would not eat in a restaurant that would not employ gays.

    2. Here Bob, let me try to explain what’s so disgusting, using a fictional scene:

      The president spills a bowl of boiling hot soup on his crotch.

      Trump: “OMG, that soup is MOTHERF**KING HOT! S**T!”
      Yes, a crude way to put it, but entirely accurate. The media has field day because he raised his voice when he reacts to his tenders being parboiled.

      Buttigggigigi (in a soft, patronizing voice): “That soup was hot because Drumfp hates the LGBTWTFBBQ movement and wants me dead. God doesn’t like him very much, and probably never will. Shucks.”

    3. @Bugman-1

      Nobody actually cares about the “national discourse.” The voters clearly don’t care.

  3. Is it a privilege to have a name that people dare not make fun of? Why is it that some people’s name and appearance can be mocked but not others?

  4. Why anyone is taking seriously a Presidential candidacy by a mayor of Southbend Indiana is beyond me. Maybe some city alderman and school board members should jump in the race.

    He’s obviously still wrestling with his own identity, and at a pretty deep level. Hey, let’s hand him the nuclear codes and put him in charge of foreign policy!

    “Why did God make gay people?” is a good Sunday school question, and not very interesting beyond that. Virtually all answers work, but are unsatisfactory. The ways of Allah are not amenable to human reasoning, so perhaps God made gay people to inspire impressive Muslim architecture or to give them a reason to get better at pitching so they can one day play in the Major Leagues. There’s just no way to be sure.

    Buttigieg’s position seems to be “I reject your religious reality and substitute my own, you bigot.” It’s that last part that marks him as just another divisive politician pandering for votes.

    1. He wants some statewide office, like Senator or Governor, and figures this is a way to get name recognition and a donor list now. Considering the reports I’ve heard (and I have relatives who live in St. Joseph County), his big accomplishment as mayor is that no one else wanted the job, so he can hide behind his being “fabulous.”

      And let’s not forget that Indiana elects its governor in presidential years, so Pence didn’t have the luxury of staying in office after he and Trump lost. Unlike Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin, Kerry, Edwards, Bush the Younger, Lieberman, Blythe-Clinton, Algore and so many others.

    2. An even better question – on paper, at least – is why anyone would take the mayor of South Bend, IN more seriously as a candidate for President than the mayor of Los Angeles, CA, who also had such aspirations, now abandoned for lack of interest on the part of anyone but himself?

      I gotta figure its because Mayor Booty Judge is gay and Eric Garcetti is just one more humdrum hetero white guy. It probably didn’t help that he’s also widely seen as a bit of a New Age flake. A popular local drive-time radio talk duo has long referred to him as “Mayor Yoga Pants.”

      As I have repeatedly noted on these nominally space-related fora, you can’t beat something with nothing and nothing is what the Democrats have in superabundance for 2020. I think Jackie Evancho would be wise to keep her schedule clear for Jan. 20, 2021 – she’ll be needing to reprise the National Anthem at another Trump Inaugural.

  5. His name isn’t unpronounceable. It’s pronounced “booty judge,” and no amount of political correctness is going to prevent people from riffing on that in private conversation about his candidacy or his political future.

    Of course, we Republicans will get the blame, just like we did when Willie Horton was an issue for Dukakis — never mind that it was first brought up during the primary campaign by one of Dukakis’ fellow Democrats. Or like Obama’s birth certificate, which was originally a Hillary talking point.

  6. In 2016 there was a completely unknown man with ties to the intelligence community, Evan McMullen, who was put forth as a Presidential candidate when it looked like Trump would win the nomination. At least some people were hoping that McMullen could deny a Trump win in Nevada.

    Buttigeig is also an unknown with ties to the intelligence community. It goes without saying that I find this to be a suspicious coincidence.

  7. In part of an interview on YouTube, Red Diaper Buttsky tells Seth Meyers that Republicans talk a lot about freedom* but that he, the Butt, talks about “real” freedom, the kind you have when someone else is forced to pay for your expenses. Yeah, this guy is a national treasure.

    *Not often enough, I think

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