2 thoughts on “Climate Science”

  1. Many activists are climate scientists (see the many stories about depression among them, overcome by fears about their worst-case scenarios, such as this and this).

    As the uncertainty of the future is revealed to not be an apocalypse, not even cult deprogramming will help the faithful because AGW Apocalypse isn’t the cause of the belief structure. The root cause is nature worship. Nature is chaotic and the future is always uncertain, so the ingredients that animate nature religions will always exist.

    As an example, think of all the times AGW Apocalypse advocates have said that enacting X policy is the right thing to do even if there is no AGW apocalypse.

    However well-intended, it might weaken the public’s trust in science (as might the replication crisis, of which this is an example, if they learn about it).

    Good! Climate science is only atrocious because the impact it has on society but it isn’t abnormal among the scientific fields. All the same foibles that plague climate science are present in other fields, especially the main culprit, humans.

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