2 thoughts on “The Gaslighting Leftist Media”

  1. As an example of Trump unleashed, yesterday I watched Fox News with great amusement as Democrats screamed bloody murder about Trump’s remark that he might drop off all the illegals in their sanctuary cities. Hosts like Tucker Carlson tied them in knots with trivial ease, saying things like (loosely paraphrasing) “Wait. You said these people don’t commit any crimes. You said they’re an economic boon. So how can you now be opposed to Trump’s idea? If what you’ve been telling us was true, you should applaud Trump’s move.”

    There was no where they could go. They argued that Trump can’t just dump immigrants on them. “Dump, as in trash? Are you calling them trash now? And why can’t he? Obama bused massive numbers of illegals to red cities without asking anyone.”

    Month’s ago, during the border wall fight, I told my housemate that if I was Trump, I’d ship all the illegals to the home towns of Congressional Democrats so their high-school classmates and relatives scream bloody murder all over their Facebook pages as the local community gets overrun and destroyed.

    In 2016 Democrats chose the form of their destructor, and now they’ve chosen the form of their destruction, bankrupting their blue social nets and possibly causing a complete replacement of liberal Representatives, mayors, and city councilmen with new ones who wear MAGA hats. Judging by their reactions of outrage, they see it, and they fear it.

  2. On his Saturday morning Periscope, Scott Adams had an excellent take on Trump’s calling the Democrats bluff. He believes that Trump instantly made the topic of welcoming illegal immigrants into this country toxic to any Democrat politician.

    According to Scott, the final two moves to checkmate are: 1) Trump to ask Democrats politicians for any volunteers to take illegal immigrants into their communities, then 2) then, if the bait is taken, ask them for an exact number of how many illegals they will take.

    As long as the Democrats can keep the argument at a fuzzy high-level, “immigration” or “anti-immigration” they can win. But, the instant they are nailed down on specifics such as how many illegal immigrants are good, versus how many are bad (or too many), their arguments evaporate. For instance, if 1000 illegal immigrants in your community is supposed to be good, why isn’t 100,000 even better?

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