Sanctuary Cities

Can Trump legally move the illegal immigrants to them?

While it does put the Democrats in a logical bind, it may be, though, as the article points out, that he’s being too clever by half:

The plan would put thousands of immigrants in cities that are not only welcoming to them, but also more likely to rebuff federal officials carrying out deportation orders. Many of these locations have more resources to help immigrants make their legal cases to stay in the United States than smaller cities, with some of the nation’s biggest immigration advocacy groups based in places like San Francisco, New York City and Chicago.

Well, that could be an oopsie.

[Update a few minutes later]

Spartacus says that moving illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities “makes us less safe.” Didn’t he get the memo? These are the most wonderful people in the world.

[Update a while later]

Yes, Democrats have no interest in illegal aliens, other than as a route to power. Which makes the irony of them declaring that Trump is using them as “political pawns” exceedingly rich.

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  1. Not an oopsie.

    Many of the Dem run cities are in trouble already. San Fran, Seattle, Detroit, NYC are up to their eyeballs in financial woes. Seattle is ALREADY complaining about the impact of illegals. And their mayor (?) said she was happy to welcome more. Great.

    The influx of several thousand illegals – all on the dole – cannot be easily absorbed by any city let along those which are sinking in socialist torpor.

  2. I don’t think it matters if the cities are welcoming. The illegals are still subject to federal law and ICE can remove and deport them at any time.

    The cities may have more resources to help illegals, but not nearly enough for what Trump’s proposing, which is to concentrate them past the breaking point of any municipality.

    He’s basically fast forwarding to the end state of current Democrat open-border policies, where billions of third world people flood in, breaking the shelter systems, the health care systems, and everything else, but he’s only doing so in the particular cities that have been pushing open borders policies.

    Those cities were thinking that rubes in red states would suffer the burdens of the illegals, and that all those ignorant whites in fly over country had a duty to accommodate the influx, and then to start losing elections to the newly minted Democrat majorities made possible by the Hispanics.

    Taking Europe as an example of the elite vs normal, urban vs suburban and rural rift, the elites got to bathe in virtue signalling by dumping all the desperate migrants onto defenseless small towns or into poor neighborhoods. They knew their own children would never have to encounter migrants except in the controlled settings of some token giving handshakes at a diplomatic affair.

    Here at home, we have a bunch of lily white liberal elites feeling good about releasing a bunch of MS-13 members into the local poor community. They can scream racism if anybody objects, and use opposition as a cudgel against people who are less open minded (wiser).

    Yesterday Corey Booker left the script and said Trump’s idea would increase crime. Even Cher changed her tune. I think it will force many more Democrats to realize what massive illegal immigration will do, which is destroy or greatly damage their happy Utopian communities.

    It’s probably a given that they can only see this because they always figure that Trump is trying to destroy their communities, but in this case their paranoia is letting them see the mechanics of the method, which is that a massive influx of Central American migrants is a really bad thing.

    I think Trump’s move is brilliant in that it both logistically and mentally moves the southern border right into people’s local neighborhood.

    “See the fence.
    See Jaun and Julia.
    See Juan and Julia cross the fence.
    See Juan and Julia get detained and fingerprinted.
    See them put on an ICE bus.
    See the ICE bus join a caravan that drives straight to your city.
    See the buses drop Juan and Julia off at your local shelter.
    See Juan and Julia stand in a crowd of thousands from other buses.
    See the buses drive away.
    See Juan and Julia get turned away by the local shelter, which is full.
    See Juan and Julia set up a tent in the massive tent city in your local park – where you used to take your daughter to play, but now down’t because it’s full homeless people from Guatemala and MS-13 gang members..”


    “See Mayor Buffy McLiberal’s name on the ballot.
    She is why Juan and Julia are in a tent city in your park.
    She is why your daughter can’t play there anymore.
    She is why your daughter had to wait six hours before a doctor could see her.
    She is why you don’t feel safe going shopping after dark.
    She is why your home price plummeted.
    She is why your local taxes doubled.
    She is why the crime rate soared.
    She is why you feel like your living in Central American war zone.
    See the fence.
    See Jaun and Julia.
    See Juan and Julia cross the fence.”

    They wanted the issue, and he’s going to make them own it.

  3. The plan would put thousands of immigrants in cities that are not only welcoming to them, but also more likely to rebuff federal officials carrying out deportation orders.

    So, no different than things are right now. Does the author of this lukewarm take operate under the assumption that illegal immigrants turn up for their deportation trials and that sanctuary cities help deport illegal immigrants?

    It is likely this type of coordinated media op would have worked on a Romney but thankfully we have some people in the Trump administration who are aware that the media is running a game on them.

  4. Another case where Trump is like Obama. The difference is Obama specifically put immigrants in places that said they didn’t want them.

  5. I can see it now- Border patrol stopping a westbound bus near El Paso- “Any illegals on this bus? No? Well, here ya go, let’s fill up all those empty seats!”

    Bizarro world.

  6. I’m not a guy who thinks Trump’s always playing nine-dimensional chess with his opponents, but I suspect this is less of a serious plan than it is trolling. And it’s working pretty good so far.

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