Pursue Those Indictments

Yes, what happened here does dwarf Watergate in its corruption and criminality. And yes, it should be, but sadly is not amazing that the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) continue to attempt to deny that the previous administration spied on the political campaign of its political opponent.

[Update Tuesday morning]

No, Joe Scarborough (who has descended deep into idiocy since he teamed up with Mika), the FBI investigation was not “done by the book”:

Presumably some of the spying on the Trump campaign was done “by the book,” but that doesn’t include using false information as pretext to spy on Americans, attempting to extort elected officials through bogus investigations, refusing to charge ideological allies who committed crimes, lying to Congress, refusing to respond to congressional document requests, using intelligence and law enforcement as “insurance policies” against political enemies, widespread unmasking of political opponents and dissemination of their information, using foreign spies to produce evidence not permissible in court, circular introduction of “evidence” to government agents that is reintroduced through media leaks, and various other actions taken by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Scarborough would have you believe that these actions are completely typical and normal, that informants are placed against campaigns all the time. If that’s true, who else are they doing it against? Can Donald Trump’s officials open investigations against the many Democratic candidates without notifying Congress, using bogus opposition research to secure wiretaps? To quote an MSNBC morning host, “Is he that stupid?”

Why, yes. Yes he is.

[Update later Tuesday morning]

Behind the shady plan to spy on the Trump campaign.


2 thoughts on “Pursue Those Indictments”

  1. I doubt that we will get justice and if we don’t, Trump should grant pardons to all involved so that history never forgets what happened.

  2. If someone had slipped LSD into Nixon’s coffee, he couldn’t have dreamed up abuses to equal what Obama did in office. His offenses were so far beyond Watergate in severity that the light from Watergate is red shifted.

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