One thought on “The Media, Fusion GPS, And The FBI”

  1. The media keeps saying there was no evidence of spying on Trump but just a week or two ago they were saying the spying on Trump showed how guilty he was. It is amazing how the media works with Fusion GPS behind the scenes to create a narrative but then when it falls apart, can’t even bother to inform the public about what Fusion GPS did/does.

    Congress critters are still saying that meeting with the Russian Lawyer in Trump tower was evidence of collusion and no one in the media bothers to point out that the Russian Lawyer was working for Fusion GPS and the Hillary campaign.

    Trump got mocked when he said he was wiretapped but he was right and Trump is called a dictator when he calls fake news the enemy of the people, but a media that knowingly participates in a coup is an enemy of the people.

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