6 thoughts on “Trump’s 2016 Coalition”

  1. I’m thinking Harris will be top of the ticket with her vp pick being Booker or some flavor of the month like Buttigeig. The dark horse is Gabbard, whose message would do well with Democrats but who is also hated by the establishment.

    Some Democrats are waking up to the craziness of their party but they still fall for the bigoted stereotypes that their party inculcates into them as youth. A lot of the anti-Trump nonsense is the same. People fall for the media campaign because no one has the time to fact check all the fake news pumped out all day every day.

  2. > no Democrat, in the race or out of it (and it seems like more are now in than out) that I can imagine supporting against him. <

    Fan of the Deep State much?

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