7 thoughts on “Skipping Breakfast”

  1. My take on the breakfast-skipping issue is that, like so many other things, not everyone is the same. What works fine for one may not work for another. As usual, one-size-fits-all works as well for medicine as it does for shoes.

    I usually skip breakfast too. It works for me, usually. However, If I’m planning a day with heavy physical work or exercise, I have breakfast.

  2. I like breakfast. For years I’ve eaten a low carb diet but the three conventional meals a day. Lately for reasons of schedule I have been eating only a late breakfast or brunch* and an early supper.

    *Almond flour waffles rule. They need no syrup.

  3. I used to skip breakfast, have a light lunch, and a fairly heavy dinner, but since I can now get low blood sugar (as well as carb flushes), I eat something for breakfast (usually something like sausage and eggs), then have a substantial lunch, and a light, early dinner (because, gastric reflux). Eliminating pasta and bread has really changed the way I eat.

  4. If one was following the guidelines of the Zone Diet (40% carbo, 30% protein, and 30% fat calories), a Zone breakfast is required. It doesn’t have to be a large meal, just the right combination of foods. The idea is to control high insulin by maintaining a constant (non-spiking) blood sugar level. After all, it is high insulin that is the culprit in many diseases especially cardiovascular related ones. In the Zone Diet, insulin is controlled by consuming three meals and two snacks throughout the day. There are three ways to go out of the “Zone:” not eating a 40-30-30 meal; eating too many calories at any one meal, and; going empty–not eating in time. So, when all is said and done, there may be some basis to this report.

  5. Russian proverb I follow:
    “Eat breakfast for yourself, share your lunch with a friend, give your supper to an enemy”

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