15 thoughts on “WordPress Issue”

  1. If you don’t find anything else, the only thing I can think of is if you have a plugin that is flagging comments as part of a block-IP selection, such as all posts from

  2. And again, with all cookies purged since changing to a different internet access, JIC your site is recording that…

  3. ..no dice. Rand, your website not only hates me, it has esp to tell it’s me trying to comment.

    Or, maybe George is right, but both my IP addresses are blacklisted.

    1. The default for “brand new commenter; don’t know him from Adam” might well be “wait for moderation”. So I don’t think you’ve proved anything yet. If Rand tries to give default approval to one of your new identities, and it doesn’t work, then yes, it just hates you.

  4. Henry: apparently the only common denominator is YOU. Take that for what it’s worth. 🙂

    Rand: I’ll take this opportunity for my semi-annual reminder that your site is unusable on an iPhone… of which there are a billion in use. I know that changing WordPress themes is somewhere beneath that dodged root canal on your list of things you want to do…

    (I have to do it on my site, too, since div management changed somewhere in the WordPress updates, and it’s easier to change themes than to remember what’s going on in the CSS file…… sigh.)

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