6 thoughts on “Political Cartoons”

  1. The horrible anti-Semitic New York times cartoon must’ve just missed the cutoff.

    Tweet about it

    As someone said, their timing is as bad as when they ran a Bill Ayers piece on 9/11.

    Democrats are shifting the Overton window for leftist anti-Semitism all the way to Middle Eastern norms or 1930’s Berlin. Interestingly, the ADL finds that 30% of 40% of foreign born Hispanics buy into anti-Semitic tropes, as opposed to about 8 or 9 percent of white Americans. So it’s like the shift is coming from their pro-Muslim bias, their pro-Hispanic bias, their anti-capitalist bias, and pretty much every other hateful bias they have.

    ADL survey (PDF)

    Liberals are becoming Archie Bunker and Meat Head rolled into one.

  2. Rand, FYI….using Chrome, the left panel is covering about 40% of the screen here. Not happening in Firefox or Brave, and occurs after clearing my cookies…

    1. Hey Flight!

      I’m in Chrome and it’s not happening to me, although it may have already gotten fixed on the other end.

      1. Hmm. Wonder what’s wrong on my end. Since Brave uses the Chrome engine it should be happening in both but isn’t…

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