California’s Scientific And Economic Insanity

This just has me shaking my head:

The Don Pedro hydropower project, just west of Yosemite National Park, has been churning out carbon-free electricity for nearly a century. As the Tuolumne River flows from the Sierra Nevada to the Central Valley, it passes through Don Pedro Dam, spinning four turbine generators.

None of the electricity is counted toward California’s push for more renewable energy on its power grid. A new bill advanced by state lawmakers last week would change that — and it’s being opposed by environmental groups, who say it would undermine the state’s landmark clean energy law by limiting the need to build solar farms and wind turbines.

That law itself is nuts.

4 thoughts on “California’s Scientific And Economic Insanity”

  1. We need to RESTORE HETCH-HETCHY! Dismantle all the dams, let the river run free!

    Never mind that San Francisco gets the majority of their water from there, and a fair amount of power is generated….

    It;s for the ENVIRONMENT, damnit!

    1. Yes, but San Francisco mostly uses the water to hose all the poop off the sidewalks.

  2. Californians know that electricity doesn’t come from dams, it comes from other states.

  3. I think it’s telling that only electricity sources which are intermittent and unreliable count as “green”. It’s like reducing our electric grid to 3rd world status is a feature.

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