6 thoughts on “Victims Of Communism”

  1. I don’t think communism’s internal logic allows for victims, just tens of millions of revanchist terrorists, saboteurs, and capitalist exploiters who are rightfully executed, or backwards money-grubbing poor people who are purposefully starved to death. That may go far in explaining why communism produces so many mass graves to go along with the endemic poverty, corruption, and tyrannical oppression.

    Of course Nazism also produced unspeakable horrors, mass graves, corruption, and tyrannical oppression, but at least they dressed fashionably and appreciated the fine art they looted. Other than that, it’s pretty hard to make a distinction.

    In fact, in the 20’s and 30’s the Nazis often totally ripped off the best German communist propaganda they found, stealing both the communist messages and imagery to stick on their own posters.

    1. The concept of the continuing revolution is used to justify acts that would normally only be acceptable in the immediate change of form of governance.

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