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  1. Burger King has a long history of bizarre or straight up dadaist commercials. Their promotion for their SpongeBob SquarePants Happy Meal cannot be believed even after being seen – it’s a remix of SpongeBob references with Burger King mascot into Sir Mixalot’s famous rap anthem “Baby got back”: https://youtu.be/h5X4TSbGreA

    1. Well, people are talking about it and the people who are miffed aren’t the target audience.

      Young people are pumped full of apocalyptic indoctrination that the world is ending, that everyone is a victim of some ism, that there is no future for them or anyone else. BK is just tapping into this depression kink.

  2. I just watched the video. Holy crap. I thought it would be a lighthearted ironic tweak at McDonald’s “Happy Meal”, but that is just stunning. My jaw is on the floor.

    It’s more than dystopian. It’s flatly anti-American on every possible level. I’m picturing an Ayn Rand essay about it.

    I’ll stick with Chick-fil-A for now.

    1. I though the young lady who was going to raise her child was a little subversive to the leftward bent of the ad and was actually rather positive. Chances are, they didn’t intend having a baby to be a positive thing. It was an unintentional fail for BK.

  3. Ok, this was a click friendly thing. I thought the Gillette anti-men commercial was a bad idea; but that really seems reasonable compared to Burger King here. And I guess Burger King gets the higher blame because they are the larger institution and should be smarter. Still, what the hell “Mental Health America”? You suck. You are supporting a message of dealing with depression and anger by… spending money and eating fast food? Seriously, get fucked MHA. That’s just horrible messaging.

    And for those who might not believe this; yes “Pissed Meal” is actually one of the offerings.

    1. Based on stories about what food workers do behind the scenes, a customer who orders a “Pissed Meal” is taking a risk.

  4. Starbucks can make this sort of thing part of Howard Schultz’s presidential campaign: Orange Man Bad Juice, imPeachment Muffins, Marxiato, Flat White Privilege…

  5. Actually, I think the Burger King ad is actually pretty good at messaging. Here’s the clear message I got:

    #1, If you want to be unhappy, go to Burger King.
    #2, Our food sucks, so let’s talk about something else.

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