6 thoughts on “Millennials And Socialism”

  1. Better not begin with something like, “You oughta read Schumpeter,” or “You oughta read Freidman” or even, “You oughts read Bastiat.” Once they hear the word “read.” you’ve lost ’em.

    1. That is all great but people should be able to talk about the benefits of capitalism and the pitfalls of human nature without referencing a book.

  2. I saw a comment at another site suggesting that we try to explain it in terms of smartphones: “You don’t get a 5G phone, but a 3G or 4G one. You have to stand in line for hours at a public charging station. Only the Party elite get 5G phones and personal chargers.”

    1. And then they glare at you like you’re a mad man lying to them. Unfortunately it takes dreaded WORK to get from core principles to an understanding of how free markets work, and how socialism requires a privileged overseer.

  3. I find it highly illustrative that the millennial generation widely uses smartphones, Alexa, and connected cars, etc, totally trusting the corporations spying on them – whilst preaching that corporations are evil. If there’s a better argument for raising the voting age to 30, I don’t know it.

    As for talking to socialists, it’s hard to argue against the wood method; whack them in the head with a 2X4, repeat as needed. It’s safe; it’s not as if it’s possible for them to get brain damage, after all.

  4. And the Great Downward Authoritarian Slide is beginning in Mexico with AMLO’s Socialism:

    “In their most recent column, the Committee to Protect Journalists expressed concern over recent statements made by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

    “If you go too far, you know what will happen,” AMLO is reported as having said on April 15 during his daily press briefings. Just one day later, AMLO walked back the comment, claiming his statement was about his followers calling out unfavorable press. Since taking office, AMLO maintains an uneasy relationship with critical news outlets.”


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