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  1. Even if we go into a long minimum, it’s guaranteed that the “global temperature” (whatever that is) will continue to rise every year, because the measurements will be “corrected” to make it so.

  2. As the late Jerry Pournelle said, let’s hope not. Cooling and its stress on food supples is a much, much more serious problem to humanity than warming.

    1. Have you been keeping up on the stories about food production problems around the world? The recent ‘unprecedented’ cold and snowy weather has already significantly impacted production in many areas.

      This may be why the left are shrieking so loudly about ‘Global Warming’ and trying to lock us in to insane thirty-year-plans: if this continues, no-one’s going to believe them in another couple of years.

        1. And much of it still is swamped, from what I’ve heard. Looks like a lot of it isn’t going to be dry enough to be planted this year, even if a lot of the soil hasn’t been washed away.

          Also, I believe a huge amount of stored grain was trashed.

  3. Are we? Who knows? The solar scientists don’t know. None of their recent predictions have been correct.

    What this shows is that we still know very little about the most important things that dominate our environment. In many ways, we are witnessing things for the first time. It is human nature to jump to conclusions but hopefully we are collecting observations good enough to help people hundreds or thousands of years from now, when we will just be beginning to understand how things work.

    1. It’s human nature to want to have control over forces outside our ken; this is why primitive cultures carved idols and made sacrifices — because somewhere there had to be someone making these things happen, and surely if only they could appease him they would be better off.

      In the 21st century the sacrifices are economic, but they’re still trying to appease the Atmosphere God.

      1. Well, the idea that an ordinary G class star 93 million miles away could have a bigger effect on Earth’s climate than greed and gluttony is a bit more than some brains can process. We’re not polluting the sun, so it’s probably not mad at us, but we are polluting the Earth with a greenhouse gas that’s going to kill us all in twelve years.

        1. Earth is our mother but the Sun is our father and you know who mom calls when the kids act up…

      2. Yeah, I harp on it a lot but we do have an evolutionary fear of an uncertain future. AGW alarmism is all about manipulating this evolutionary fear and supplants more mainstream religions for a lot of people.

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