The Second Colorado Shooter

may be transgender:

This isn’t good for the narrative:

There is a mental health crisis among American kids that is fueled by prescription drugs and the fake news media that thrives on fear-mongering. Until that is addressed, these kinds of events will continue. It’s clear that Erickson held deeply bigoted assumptions about Christians “hating gays” which is constantly repeated by the media and fuels this kind of violence.

The scientific community should be hanging their heads today too. Further research should be done to discover if artificially changing the hormonal structure of human beings increases aggression or psychosis. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and puberty blockers are given to children who think they are the opposite sex as young as 8 years old. Testosterone is known to be the hormone that regulates aggression. What studies have been done on the safety of administering testosterone to females during puberty? Are there any? According to a PBS report, the studies are few and the long term effects are unknown.

“The bottom line is we don’t really know how sex hormones impact any adolescent’s brain development,” Dr. Lisa Simons, a pediatrician at Lurie Children’s, said. “We know that there’s a lot of brain development between childhood and adulthood, but it’s not clear what’s behind that.”

We’re living in the crazy years.

[Thursday-morning update]

When will we start to deal with the Columbiner subculture? As Glenn notes, it’s blowback in the war on boys.

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  1. Wasn’t Alan Turing pumped full of chemicals and consequently committed suicide?

    Some people need treatment that impacts their hormones but it is always a little dicey and requires a lot of medical supervision.

  2. T replacement for us older guys is perfectly safe and quite beneficial, but no way should anyone be monkeying with a kid’s hormones. It should be illegal to even allow transitioning in kids under 18 not to mention five year olds.

    1. Actually, back in the 1980’s I suggested an experiment to one of my friends who is now a professor at UCSF. I had been wondering why evolution shrunk human male canines from large fangs (as seen in most other primates) to being hardly larger than women’s canines.

      So I suggested that perhaps it was an accident of delaying puberty far, far later than normal mammals. We get our adult teeth starting around age six, long prior to the big spike in male testosterone production, so maybe high levels of testosterone in a small child would let them grow big vampire fangs. Well, it turns out that other primates like chimps and gorillas also get their adult teeth at about half the time it takes to hit puberty, but I didn’t have that data at the time.

      But anyway, his response [to my suggestion that we pump some young boys full of adult levels of testosterone to see what happens to their incisors] was that it would be completely unethical and abhorrent human experimentation on small children.

      But I guess it’s okay if it’s done to fight cis-gendered oppression.

      At least if my experiment went awry you wouldn’t have schools getting shot up. You might have a few dead bodies with mysterious bite marks on their neck or their face chewed off, but probably no shootings.

      1. I forget the name, but there is a medical condition where some males go through puberty at really young ages. There are a lot of side effects of this, as one could imagine. Teeth weren’t covered in the article I read but maybe you could look into it if you want to see if there are any differences between men who go through puberty at a young age and those who do at a normal age.

        1. Got a link for that condition? My voice changed to bass at age 8, and I went bald at 16.

    2. It also needs to be carefully monitored by a dr. Testosterone treatment can have a lot of negative impacts on the body.

  3. B.S. No common ailments among mass shooters except they want to kill. Stop making excuses for people who are obviously mentally deficient. If you want to decrease mass shootings, stop glamorizing it, try to identify who might snap, and arm more innocent people for damage control.

    P.S. I’ve known how to kill, and been equipped to kill for over four decades, and I haven’t. I know taking a life is wrong. That is what separates us from mass shooters.

    1. Virtually all the mass shooters had clear signs of serious mental illness, schizophrenia being common. Like Cho at VaTech, NONE were appropriately treated in our post 1963 Community Mental Health insanity.

      1. If I remember correctly, most of them were also on mind-altering prescription drugs.

        Drug boys to the eyeballs because they’re acting like boys instead of girls. What could possibly go wrong?

      2. I now work for one of those local authority for mental health centers and you have no idea how broken the system is. While the center is not officially an government agency it runs like one with no over site. There is no motivator for them to do a good or even adequate job. At least for-profit companies have a reason to do better.The “‘Community Mental Health Centers” are the perfect example of why government should be as far away from health care as possible. They make the VA look competent and efficient.

  4. Yes, most mass shooters are men. But not all men are mass shooters. Yes, most mass shooters are nuts, (my own technical term), but not all crazy people are mass shooters. Yes, most mass shooters are known to law enforcement, but not all people known to law enforcement are mass shooters. Yes, some, or most mass shooters are on mind-altering medicines, but few people on mind-altering medicines become mass shooters. Keep looking, we have not yet found a common thread.

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