Surveillance Of The Trump Campaign

There was apparently a lot more of it than even those who have been following this thought.

You can tell by all the attacks on Barr that the Democrats and Obama apparatchiks are very concerned about how much of this is soon to be exposed. And hopefully some heads will roll, including Hillary’s people for obstruction of justice in the server investigation, if not for the server itself.

And then there’s this: “Barr is investigating Democrats. Democrats call for Barr to resign. According to Nadler, that’s obstruction of justice!”

[Sunday-afternoon update]

The Democrats are falsely accusing Barr of doing what Holder and Lynch actually did do for Obama.

Again, classic projection.

[Monday update at noon]

The fright of James Comey. And how the investigation was initiated by the FBI on false information.

I find it amusing, in light of how all these federal prosecutors are saying that Trump would have been indicted if he hadn’t been POTUS, Comey would have been indicted if he hadn’t been head of the FBI. And while Trump is still POTUS, Comey is no longer head of the FBI…


[Tuesday-morning update]

Comey is in trouble, and he knows it.

Good. Or at least good about the first part. I’d actually prefer that he remain clueless.

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[Update Wednesday morning]

Mueller’s ten most egregious missteps.

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[Friday-morning update]

The FBI’s Steele story falls apart.

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22 thoughts on “Surveillance Of The Trump Campaign”

  1. In my opinion there was a tremendous amount of spying, illegal and unethical activity on the part of the Dems. The only questions are:

    1) Will the Republicans/Trump pursue this aggressively?

    – I think Trump and Barr will. Not sure what the
    GOPe will do.

    2) Will they remember to use the Dems own words against them (as Rand showed in this post regarding obstruction)?

  2. Did you check out the NYT headline about a “Cloaked Investigator” being sent to talk to a Trump campaign aide?

    Hilarious! They can’t even bring themselves to call the person a “spy.”


    1. I saw a cute meme of “Cloaked Investigator vs Cloaked Investigator” with the old cartoon characters from “Spy vs Spy”.

      Or someone could focus on the “cloak” part.

      Government agent: “I really get to wear a cape, like a Marvel superhero?!”
      Corrupt Obama official: “Yes. That’s it. That’s it exactly. We’ll have the press call you ‘The Cloaked Investigator!’ Now get out there and save progressive socialism, LGBQT’s, vegans, and oppressed innocent jihadists, from the dark forces of evil Jewish capitalism!”

    2. Brendan, I disagree that these people are morons. They are sitting on what they know is a powder keg, and it has about a 2 second fuse. They have to be very careful to avoid the whole truth, because then the words treason and sedition might be brought out. And those can both be accompanied by a rope.

      1. It was all very devious and we only know because Trump won. It is not like the media would have spilled the beans since they were also willing participants.

    3. Another was was confidential informant. Informants come from the inside and provide information, not from the outside, which is what happened.

  3. OT. This was posted at Quillette on Friday. It’s long and mostly boring; you can get the gist in the first few paragraphs and the authors bio at the end. But in the comments there’s a character named “Outraged”, and I absolutely cannot tell if it’s parody or not. As I read them I go from “probably troll-level expert” to “not sure” almost minute-by-minute. The other commenters (including I think Stephanie Osborn) seem evenly split. Wondering if anyone here might have an opinion, informed or otherwise.

    1. Well, I’d sort of lean toward master-troll, but like you, I really can’t be sure because it’s hard to tell a masterful parody of batsh*t crazy from authentic batsh*t crazy.

      I’m kind of hoping “Outraged” is Titania McGrath, but I can’t rule out that “Outraged” is the model that Titania McGrath mimics.

      That’s an outstanding article, btw.

    2. Poe’s Law.

      Check your cis-privilege. Don’t you realize that affirmative set asides for cis people are clearly necessary due to continuing disparities.

      They slipped up here. They went from advocating against cis people to saying the cis people need affirmative action. This cuts across all the other critical theory arguments and goes against social justice because it doesn’t demand punishment for perceived historical sins.

      They did a pretty good job though. It wasn’t until later on that it became a little strained. Good practice for everyone involved.

  4. That means from the earliest days of the Russia–Trump investigation the FBI was enlisting not only Confidential Human Sources — and possibly more of them — but also the aid of outside intelligence agencies, whether U.S., foreign, or both.

    To sum up: The Hillary campaign, DNC, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, UK intelligence, the Russians, and maybe more were all working together to spy on Trump, rig the election, hamstring his administration, and get him removed from office in a coup and they were connected through Fusion GPS who was paid by illegally funneling campaign funds through Perkins Coie.

    Also, select members of the media for most major outlets were also knowingly complicit in the effort.

    1. And the efforts accomplished nothing good for Democrats, and they will hang around Obama’s neck forever. Obama and his supporters keep bragging that he had the cleanest and most ethical administration in history, but it will do more to rehabilitate Nixon by being an even worse example of a corrupt, self-serving administration run amok.

      1. I remember when “Domestic Intelligence” by the FBI, such as the spying on Martin Luther King Jr., was a DoublePlus BadThing… How times have changed

  5. Rasmussen poll

    Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Democrats believe that, in his relations with the Russian government, President Trump is guilty of treason. A national survey found that just 14% of those in Nancy Pelosi’s party disagree while 29% are not sure.

    Republicans reject the notion that the president is guilty of treason by an 82% to 7% margin. Among Independent voters, 30% believe he has committed treason while 44% disagree and 25% are not sure (see full crosstab results).

    Apparently only 14% of Democrats either know what treason is or have learned that the Mueller report found no collusion at all.

    1. The media is in to deep to start telling the truth now. I expect we will see more deplatforming on Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, and other venues of people who provide information that runs counter to what the Democrats want the public to know.

  6. 3. Mueller Continued to Investigate Obstruction Knowing No Prosecutorial Decision Would Be Forthcoming

    He continued the investigation despite knowing there was no Russian Collusion. His team had access to all of the spying done by Obama from our premier intelligence agencies. He had the same people working on the SC that were spying on Trump during the campaign. He knew the origins and inaccuracies of the Steel dossier.

    It is quite obvious why the investigation went on so long and the answer explains all of the other issues raised in that last Federalist link, political gamesmanship.

  7. “If it prospers, none dare call it treason,” explains the continued doubling down.

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