The Left’s Ongoing War On Science

Twitter has blocked an eminent psychologist for political incorrectness on gender.

[Update Monday morning]

Related, sort of: Conservatives should not fear evolutionary theory. It would be nice to get them to accept this, because it’s one of the few areas in which the Left can claim that “the right” is “anti-science.” It’s nice to see this published at National Review.

19 thoughts on “The Left’s Ongoing War On Science”

  1. The left f-ing love science… that supports The Narrative.

    I’m quite shocked that DNA sequencing hasn’t been banned yet, given all the right-wing results it’s producing:

    ‘But we’re all the same under the skin!’

    ‘Not according to your DNA.’

    1. The same people who say race is a social construct think that being color blind is racism. This is because while the two groups may agree, it isn’t about the the concepts. It is about not liking the people who are color blind and always having to demonize them.

      1. When people are color-blind, there’s no identity politics, and no left. So obviously the left will do everything in their power to create barriers between groups.

          1. Democrats are bringing segregation back on college campuses and you do realize they were the ones behind the seating arrangement on buses too right?

            Also, what does your comment have to do with what Edward said? He isn’t racist and is speaking out against it but then you prove my point by attacking him as racist.

    1. This is one thing that bothers me about the e-book revolution. What happens if your Kindle™ reader becomes the tool of an Orwellian Ministry of Truth? Yesterday you would have sworn that the book read differently or perhaps that it had existed in the first place.

      1. Amazon has been ‘disappearing’ a growing number of politically-incorrect books lately. They’re presumably still available on the Kindle for people who bought them, but they’ve been airbrushed from the store and no-one can buy them there.

        I think it’s a safe bet that Amazon is now firmly in the hands of SJWs and going the same way as Facebook, Twitter and Google. No-one really worries about advertisers going bust, but what will happen when an online retail company that’s wiped out much of local retail goes bust is an interesting question.

      2. How e-books are handled matters. A PDF file on local storage, not subject to remote deletion, is a better option than the DRM formats.

  2. I don’t think a lot of Democrats are aware about what is happening to their party. It is not like media will report on this stuff. By the time it reaches critical mass, they will just shrug and accept it.

    1. What is going on with the democrats is =literally= unbelievably bad. People hear the truth and they think it’s badly written fiction.

  3. Twitter is a playground for twits. Not surprisingly the supervises are a lot like their infantile charges.

  4. Dr. Blanchard’s Twitter account — — appears to be fully accessible, complete with the 6 element statement of his beliefs regarding transsexualism. So does that mean that Twitter restored it? The PJM article hasn’t been updated yet to cover that.

    1. Whether restored or not; why was it ever blocked for the reason Twitter first claimed? Who was responsible? What has been done to prevent it from happening again?

    2. The PJM story has been updated to cover the restoration of Dr. Blanchard’s account, including a tweet of his with Twitter’s apology.

  5. Conservatives Shouldn’t Fear Evolutionary Theory

    This is largely a myth and stereotype. I shouldn’t be surprised that NR buys into it since they are so out of touch.

    There are a lot of people who just don’t care, it isn’t in their sphere of interests just like some people don’t follow cars, space, crocheting, ect. It doesn’t mean they fear, hate, or necessarily disbelieve something. A person who is unlearned and disinterested can appear differently to those who believe in evolution as if it is something to constantly shout about and attack others over. I have found that most of the people who love evolution, like they love science, don’t know a Denisovan from a Neanderthal and tend to think sleeping in the dirt and never knowing if nature’s bounty would appear this season was some kind of paradise.

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