How to get Back To The Moon By 2024

Make it a one-way trip.

So, how much does that change requirements? It means no need for ascent on the lander, or entry from TEI. It’s probably a Falcon Heavy mission. We eliminate the initial need for a suit, too. Hardest part would be how to resupply without EVA capability.

Could NASA do it? Probably not, politically, but a private expedition could.

One thought on “How to get Back To The Moon By 2024”

  1. I’ve figured out how to get us back to the moon by the summer of 2020, but I’ll need someone to coordinate with NASA Administrator Bridenstine, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, VP Pence, President Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, and possibly Gwynne Shotwell at SpaceX.

    .My plan is simple, consisting of just two steps.

    The Israelis are going to launch a second lunar landing attempt with another Beresheet on a Falcon 9.

    Step 1) Add less than an ounce of extra payload to the mission, perhaps just taped to its landing leg in a UV resistant envelope. Ideally have it touch down near Shackleton crater, though the landing location isn’t critical. This needs to happen at least by this fall.

    What’s in the envelope? Microfilms of President Trump’s tax returns and bank statements, provided by Steve Mnuchin and relevant banks, with President Trump’s approval.

    Step 2) Do I really need a step 2?

    Nancy and various committee chairs are going to demand and pass $250 billion in spending for a manned lunar return mission prior to the 2020 election, just to get a hold of any potential dirt. The Senate might cut that in half, but that’s still plenty to get us there fast.

    One of the reasons we haven’t returned to the moon is that we had no compelling reason to go back. Well, nobody ever said the compelling reason didn’t have to be both stupid and partisan. Is it unethical to exploit such an obvious weakness, taking advantage of a widespread derangement syndrome? Perhaps, but in space no one can hear whining and screaming, so who cares?

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