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  1. Yeah. I think she has cause for a very, very large lawsuit. If what she did was a crime, then half the American ex-pats could be locked up overseas for doing the same things she did: Meeting people, talking to people, dating people, advocating for things she liked.

  2. This is all a big laugh to Putin. Last thing he wants is a movement for more widespread gun ownership in Russia.

  3. So Rand we linking to a piece of advocacy journalism that trying to advocate that Butina is completely innocent as pure driven snow but the article doesn’t mention Aleksander Torshin ONCE. This Russophile wannabe Glen Greenwald obliviously never sat through a National security briefing. Is she actuality “spy”/agent no did the media overplay her importance yes, but is she a non conventional Russian intelligence asset yes. She is to Putin what Steele is to Hillary (with Butina having one less degree of separation)

    1. Yeah. That’s just hilarious. Torshin runs their Central Bank, is quite possibly a mobster on the business side (which wouldn’t be unusual for Russia), and he loves guns. The best place to see guns, especially if you’ve got lots of money to spend, is an NRA convention.

      It’s as stupid as claiming that the head of the US Federal Reserve is a spy because he kept going to annual mink breeder conventions in Siberia.

      It pretty well establishes that the top leadership of the FBI was absolutely incompetent and identifying actual crime or espionage, but very focused on rigging US elections and trying to cover their tracks by accusing anybody of anything.

      1. Got me a little confused George If I am reading you right the FBI is also incompetent at rigging US Elections. Unless you implying Comey announcing the reopening of the Email investigation for Hillary cause of the Weiner’s laptop was to rig it for Trump then their use Russia to deflect from themselves.

        1. Comey had to get out ahead of the Weiner laptop story because it was already leaking out. I’m sure we’ll find out what is detailed reasoning was when he publishes his next books from prison. A lot of top officials convicted in Watergate wrote quite well in prison.

          1. I highly doubt it was going to leak before the election. It would of looked bad after the election and he was trying to save himself no doubt, but that plays counter to the FBI rigging it for her.

            And on your analogy about the mink convention in Sibera makes no sense. Unless Putin/Medev/”United Russia” members actively attend and receive money from the Mink Lobby. While there opponents are anti mink.

            Torshin was also attending National Prayer Breakfast guess their were guns there too right? I wonder what do NRA Conventions and National Prayer Breakfasts have in common hmmm.

          2. The story was already leaking before Comey delivered his press conference. FBI agents had blabbed because, well, Anothony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, had Hillary’s e-mails. It turns out that the FBI also recovered Hillary’s e-mails from the Oval Office, which came out this week, and which we wouldn’t know without a FOIA request from Judicial Watch.

            I’m glad foreign governments don’t use the FBI reasoning on who is a foreign spy, because if they did, half of Americans would be in prison overseas. “He went to the cheese festival, and then he went to the Eiffel Tower, the Victoria Secret fashion show, and… Well, he must be a spy!!!!”

            The reason most people come here is to see all the cool or crazy things we do. They want to take part and drink it all in. There are probably an amazingly high number of foreigners at rodeos, truck and tractor pulls, prayer breakfasts, revivals, surfing championships, and all the rest.

            Only a deranged group of witch hunting lunatics, the heirs of Joseph McCarthy, the John Birch Society, and Lyndon LaRouche would thing that’s a sign of a vast commie conspiracy to put fluoride in our water and infiltrate our government.

            As Alan Dershowitz said the other day, the current Democrat’s action are the closest thing he’s seen to McCarthyism since McCarthy. He’s is correct.

            And Trump is about to connect countless Democrats to Russia by declassifying all information on anything the intelligence agencies were doing in the 2016 election. Payback is sweet.

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