6 thoughts on “Lunar Heritage Sites”

  1. Well, there goes my business model of using a little Tonka rover to roll up to Apollo footprints, fix them with clear lacquer, scoop them up, bring them back, and auction them at Sotheby’s at perhaps a million dollars apiece.

    Of course ahead of the little Tonka rover would be another rover with a robot arm holding a boot from an A7L spacesuit, creating new inventory.

  2. wow, Ted…that’s pretty stupid.

    How do you plan on enforcing it? How do you plan on even KNOWING that something has been done to affect the site?

    And since the Moon is not soverign to any nation, what jurisdiction does the US have?

    Frankly if I were DD Harriman and could fund the trip, I’d have been up there a decade ago and brought the LM back to sell….because it’s picking up litter…

    1. Were this the late ’70s, Andy Griffith’s Salvage-1 would have picked it up for you.

  3. I see that the bill includes the obligatory politically correct pointing out for special attention a handful of black ladies, of the hundreds of thousands who worked on Apollo, for special attention because… well because skin color.

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