2 thoughts on “Climate Millenarianism”

  1. Every once in a while, people start believing that the end of days is near and that if we don’t all repent immediately that end will be very bad. Almost always they are wrong.

    Almost always wrong? We are lucky to have survived that one time the world ended.

    In a religion that requires sacrifices, the greater the sacrifice means the greater the appeal to the god(s). A small request might warrant a small sacrifice but a big request requires a big sacrifice. Saving your tribe, or the world, are big requests.

  2. Climate activism is a cornucopia of pathologically dangerous impulses, self-justifications, and historically disastrous ideas: Noble cause corruption, a savior complex, apocalyptic eschatology (end times theology), purity spirals, virtue signalling, evangelism for a simplistic battle between good (nature) and evil (man), primitivism, totalitarian economic and social control, planned shortages and hardship to appease the fates, self-loathing and guilt, and even genocidal population controls.

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