One thought on “They Don’t Know Clouds At All”

  1. Q: Are things worse than predicted?
    A: I think the evidence in recent years—for example, from studies looking at cloud variations over the past decades—points more toward higher climate sensitivity.

    I think not. I think Tapio Schneider, a climate scientist at Caltech, is intentionally ignoring the land based observations which are showing a trend line nowhere near what the GCMs are predicting. Which looks to be about 1.5 degree C per century per doubling of CO2. But as we all know alarmism pays the bills. If the BS doesn’t talk the money walks. No money, no improved GCM with cloud modeling and the supercomputing resources necessary to run the model. Of course that’s science as socialism (ie living off the government tit). Volunteering home computing resources among idle computers in the US (ala SETI@home, let’s call it CLIMATE@home) would certainly lower the rhetorical temperature and still yield good research w/o having to cater to the scaremongers in the deep state and Congress.

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