6 thoughts on “School Shooter Drills”

  1. Let us also keep in mind the perverse message being sent here. “If you shoot people at school, for years we’ll disrupt school and go through this security theater to honor the mess you make.”

    The average student will live a life of fear. The angry, marginalized student will see an enduring symbol of respect gained only one way.

    1. “The average student will live a life of fear.”

      People who freak out when confronted with the unfamiliar are easier to control.

    2. Secondary message: Not only will you become famous, but you will strike a blow for gun control. Get revenge, become a martyr in the process.

  2. We don’t have our kids practice car accidents or what to do if struck by lightning, because we know that preparing for these unlikely events is impossible, and scaring our children over the possibility would outweigh any benefit the preparation might offer.

    No one learns first aide basics anymore? The article was written by a woman in NYC, so maybe she doesn’t worry about what to do in a thunderstorm. Males are more likely to be struck by lighting because we tend to be out doing stuff.

    Who gets traumatized by fire drills? No one but she does bring up a good point how surprise live fire airsoft drills can be scary for kids. That kind of drill is unnecessary. Teachers and staff getting special training, outside of normal class hours, is a good suggestion. A simple here is what we do in case this happens type of drill shouldn’t be traumatic.

  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-48503823?intlink_from_url=&link_location=live-reporting-story

    Okay I should comment not just post links. I have mixed feelings about this. Is neglect of duty a crime? Maybe. Did he endanger children’s lives by his choices? Undoubtedly. His strategy of “secure and wait” was once police policy, but was discredited and abandoned by police organizations after the Columbine shootings.Which actually involved two active shooters not just the one, as in the Parkland case. Did this guy not get the memo?

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