3 thoughts on “Sin Will Find A Way”

  1. Didn’t we bring those sandwiches back under Michelle Obama’s school lunch program?

    Anyway, the article after that one is about a forthcoming book on European cat ladders, which are common over there and allow kitties to go outside even if they don’t live on the ground floor.

  2. What’s interesting is that the law was completely subverted about a month in to the degree that bars were staying open all the time (unlike pre-Raines) and paired up more frequently with other bits of sin like prostitution.

    Yet another one of those activities that keep getting tried over and over because someone thinks they can do it right this time.

    1. Federalism and “local rule” for the win. Some busy-body bureaucrat in the far away capitol’s brilliant new idea™ -VS.- what the local yokels feels is the proper way to do things™. Bet this story was old in the time of the first Pharoah.

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