“Saving The Planet”

“Why it’s not in my job description as an environmentalist.”

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2 thoughts on ““Saving The Planet””

  1. Fairly rational and the realization that things always change, should be obvious to everyone. Change isn’t always good and it isn’t always bad, just like how things are now is a mixed bag. Weird that the people who think of change as some sort of religious calling are so hesitant to embrace change that doesn’t come from political revolutions.

    Science is important, but it is not a weapon to be wielded — because science can never settle questions of trade-offs among values.

    Yes, but the people wielding science as a weapon don’t want a discussion on trade offs. They don’t want their opposition to have a voice. It is not even a certainty they want to save the planet because so much of what they advocate is just left wing totalitarianism.

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