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    1. There’s a quote (probably falsely) attributed to Einstein that “only two things are infinite – the universe and human stupidity – and I’m not too certain about the first.” If Bolshevik Barbie’s stupidity had mass, it would trigger a black hole.

  1. There were 52 Norwegians who kind of sneaked in in 1825 on a 54 foot sloop called the Restauration. The captain was jailed because the boat was big enough for about 10 people to cruise around the Caribbean on a short vacation, not for 52 people spending three months crossing the Atlantic (which they did). The President pardoned the captain, whose achievement in pulling it off was amazing, and huge waves of Norwegians followed that first crossing.

    Blog post with pictures of a replica built in 2010.

  2. Is she making a Titanic reference? Maybe she should watch Gangs of New York since that is the one that explains how Democrats use immigrants.

    Doubt she would be in favor of sending people home would couldn’t pass the health check.

  3. My family’s checkered immigration past…. Well let’s see, there is my great-great-great-grandad Anthony on my mother’s side. (I think that’s about the appropriate number of greats +/- 1), captured at Trenton, NJ, held as a POW until he served out his sentence of sedition working for a farmer/plantation-owner in either Virginia or North Carolina and then set free and allowed to stay even though he fought against the forces of the Continental Army as a Hessian. God Save the King. So how illegal does that get? Waging war against your host country I think ought to peg the needle. But then again… My Dad’s side of the family did a little better, with a great-great grandad that fought for the Union Army in an Illinois regiment, but caught yellow fever at the end of the war and died in a military hospital in Memphis TN. Fortunately for me he had *one* off spring first or I wouldn’t be here.

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