…and the racial republic:

In academia it is increasingly common, as Harvard College’s dean Rakesh Khurana told graduates recently, that individual achievement is seen as less important than the “dynastic” forces of race. This underpins the notion that students “of color” need to be treated differently than others. This follows from the notion that “group rights,” not individual rights, are what matters. As one liberal observer noted, the West is “now inculcating in a new generation ideas where the whole concept of an individual who exists apart from group identity is slipping from the discourse. The very Enlightenment principles that underlay the liberal ideal are being largely cast away.”

Once the party of racism, always the party of racism.

8 thoughts on “Reparations”

  1. A week or so ago someone noted that Democrats are facing a tough election where black turnout might be critical, so predictably they trotted out the idea of “studying” reparations because offering [I’ll paraphrase] free KFC and large succulent fruits would be a bit too obvious.

    1. And by taking ever increasingly extreme positions to buy the votes of marginal groups, at cost to the public at large, the democrats drive sane people ever harder to support their opposition.

  2. Well, the good news for them is that if China invades us and takes over, they’ll be all set for their new subservient place: their new overlords will just tell them “this is where your kind [whatever that kind may be] fits in”.

  3. Personally, I support reparations for slavery. I think every single person who was subject to legal slavery in the US (which ended in June, 1865) should be paid reparations.

    Not their descendants, relatives, etc, just them, every single one of them that is still alive. After all, democrats don’t believe in inheriting money.

    But, speaking of reparations, why only slavery? What about segregation? There are plenty of people alive today who suffered from it, and I think they are owed reparations. From the party that did it to them, of course.

    1. The Democratic Party wants to pay off people whose ancestor(s) might have been owned by a Democratic Party member’s ancestor(s). With money from everyone else, of course. And the with the Democratic Party taking a “finder’s fee”, of course.

    2. A lot of Republicans were lynched by Democrats, aside from many other acts of violence short of death, maybe Republicans are owed reparations too.

  4. Well well. It turns out that Kamala Harris’s family owned at least 124 slaves, and possibly a great many more.

    Big League Politics story

    At least two were named Sambo and one was named Caesar.

    Someone might bring this up.

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