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  1. He mentions in “Win Bigly” that he started saying Hillary would win because of death threats. He claims it is only logical to protect himself from the death threats he was receiving, but it does seem weak. I think that’s what is happening now. I suspect some Antifa members rattled him, so he is singing a different tune.

    That said, backing down like that to these effeminate punks just emboldens them, and it is an error to do so.

    1. From the article– slightly altered–

      Adams watched a video in which [a KKK] member claimed that it wasn’t really a political group at all. It was just young men finding an outlet for their natural craving for risk and a way to prove their manhood. Pounding on [Negroes] in non-fatal ways, he explained, is a fun proving ground.

      Klantifa. Loser Democrat thugs playing dress up. Again.

      That’s one “persuasion” that’s not gonna sell, and Scott Adams knows that.

  2. Some useful links until OP is fixed. Personally I feel allowing violent antfi marches is going to allow the violence to escalate until someone gets killed. It you like the “way it feels” consider what a 5-20 year prison term would “feel like”. Not to mention what a criminal record will do for your career. Scott Adamas, seriously, you think recruiters are going to take the time to try to figure out WHY you went to prison?



  3. Getting away with violence is fun.

    Does anybody remember Bumfights videos?

    If a group of teenagers can pay two bums to fight each other, then George Soros can pay people off the street to cosplay as commies and nazis.

  4. Fascists and Nazis were mostly young men and ex-soldiers out having a bit of violent fun. The Nazis specifically recruited good street fighters, and even recruited the best communist brawlers for membership. The exploited the rampant violence and lawlessness to portray themselves as the good guys, on the side of law and order by smashing some heads that needed smashing.

  5. Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys aren’t racists, NAZI, or white supremacists. Excusing Democrats attacking people they tar with those labels is a mistake because Democrats apply those labels to you too. I don’t even need to know one’s skin color or party affiliation to make that claim because it doesn’t matter. Whoever runs afoul of the Democrats regardless of skin color or party affiliation has been accused of these associations.

    Adams gets a lot of things wrong. He isn’t very well informed on a lot of topics. He is fu rich so there isn’t much incentive for him to learn. He also roleplays a lot and doesn’t engage in a good faith argument but will support something he doesn’t necessarily believe in if he thinks it supports his case for “persuasion” in that given moment.

    Many young men do feel the need to prove themselves through dangerous displays.

    Wasn’t there an op-ed going around a month or so ago about how all of leftism was a search for religion or meaning to life or something?

    I don’t know about all that but I think identity does play a role in people’s association with these leftist groups but not just their own identity but how they perceive the identity of other people. Modern leftism is very much a, “I would never> associate with those type of people” mentality and it is entrenched through the dehumanization of the other. Do you agree with me or are you a NAZI?

    1. I’ll quote whoever coined this cute description first (though I think about Bernie Bros), Antifa is “whiter than Pat Boone eating a mayonnaise sandwich on Wonderbread in a Minnesota snowstorm.” They routinely attack black and Asian “white supremacists” without the slightest hint of self-reflection.

      I highly recommend the Stefan Molyneux video I linked above because the caller, who was very well read on Marxist thinking, digs down into the details on what his worldview was, how groups like Antifa actually function, on a practical and psychological level, and how he finally came to realize what a complete crock it all was.

      They are both wildly delusional and dangerous, even to each other.

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