14 thoughts on “The Norman Conquest”

  1. What’s great about this is that it’s the Versailles Treaty reversed:

    The French (Normans) have to pay reparation to the Germans (Saxons).

  2. As a direct descendent of a man who helped liberate England at the Battle of Hastings I find this reprehensible.

        1. As a first generation Anglo-Saxon (my father’s family traces back to England and my mother’s family came from Saxony), let me say that you certainly owe me money for past historical injustices committed against people who were my direct etymological ancestors.

  3. According to the Census Bureau, 72% of Normans in the US are white, 24% are black, 1.5% are Hispanic, 0.4% are Asian or Pacific islander, and 0.6% are American Indians. Many Normans are Jewish, Russian (originally Novominsky), and Ukrainian. The Bayeux Tapestry obviously underplays how weird 1066 actually was.

    1. How does it work for the Yamnaya? Europeans getting reparations from the Yamnaya would be a lot like Hispanics getting reparations from Spain.

  4. Hey, don’t stop there! How about compensating the pilgrims for being forced to leave Europe? How about the Mormons for being thrown out of the state of Illinois and Missouri? The Catholics for the 1844 bible riots? Etc.

    Well, let me simplify it for everyone. Please just send me a check for $1T, and I will forward it on to the appropriate parties.

    1. “How about compensating the pilgrims for being forced to leave Europe?”

      Those Left-wing religious heretics should have been burned at the stake after the English civil war and the Restoration of the crown, but instead they got New England and then the rest of America after the Civil War and their own global empire after WWII. If anything, their religious descendants, the Progressives, should be compensating the world for screwing everything up!

  5. So if living people pay reparations to a fund pro rated to their percentage of human DNA, and receive reparations from said fund pro rated to their percentage of Archaic DNA, then I get paid for my 4% Neanderthal heritage and most Sub-Saharan Africans get nothing? Interesting idea.

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