The Gray Lady

Continues to diminish the achievement of Apollo 11.

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Treacher: Yeah, well, the Soviets sent women and minorities into space first.

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More thoughts from Karol Markowicz (who was born in the Soviet Union):

Sure, Communists tortured and executed dissidents, starved their own people by the millions and operated gulags — but have you heard about their amazing space feminism and space intersectionality?

“Cosmonaut diversity was key for the Soviet message to the rest of the globe,” the writer, Sophie Pinkham, wrote. Her piece reads like something from an old issue of the Soviet newspaper Pravda boasting of the achievements of the Soviet space program.

It’s not like this is anything new from the paper.


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  1. The Evil Empire is gone but the NYT is still their press agency. It’s nice that some things never change.

  2. Yes, but how long did it take for the Soviets to send a second [identity] into orbit? In each of those cases, the cosmonauts were mascots, with little to nothing to do other than be a [identity].

    (In the case of second woman, didn’t they send Savitskaya a few weeks before Sally Ride?)

  3. You know, if the best example of someone implementing your preferred policies is a despotic hellhole that kills millions, maybe you should rethink your preferred policies?

  4. Good googly moogly. They are their own parody.

    I’m not sure how to even respond, but here goes.


    For starters, Valentina Tereshkova only marked a victory for privileged white women. She was a parachutist, not a pilot. She had poorly-paid men, possibly pilots-of-color, who flew planes for her. She had poorly-paid, overworked engineers at their center who controlled the Vostok for her.

    Her only responsibility was bailing out at the end and pulling her rip cord. That’s how privileged white women roll. They’re always bailing out on things because they can, because they’re privileged. They never suffer the consequences of a hard landing or a breakup.

    And then they’re handed cushy government jobs and given high authority because they’re privileged white women, and they spend the rest of their lives stomping on their social, political, and racial inferiors.

    The Soviets didn’t launch another woman into space for the next 19 years, and certainly weren’t going to launch of a woman of color, much less an oppressed woman of color, much less one with an authentic voice, because there’s only the one tiara and a privileged white woman wore it.

    The Soviets could have launched a woman who wouldn’t have had skin that’s whiter than a space suit, maybe one with a hue closer to a charred heat shield after re-entry, but they didn’t, because their whole political system was based on white privileged elitism.


    Whew! I’m glad I got that out of my system. The sad thing is that if someone posted that in the comments of the New York Times, the comment would draw its own cheering section because to SJW’s, the only thing that trumps vomit inducing wokeness is even more wokeness. They’re like heroin addicts for outrage and sanctimonious moral posturing.

    1. I once had a conversation with some type of diversity editor at HuffPo. His beat was Native Americans or something. He wrote an article about how legalizing weed would mean less black people going to prison and I questioned him if it was racist to accuse black people of doing drugs. His head exploded with the realization he was being racist and then my head exploded because he was actually trying to deal with the conflict rather than attacking me.

      1. The wokeness equivalent of this Star Trek dialog?

        Harry Mudd: Remember laddie, Capt. Kirk is a liar. Everything he tells you is a lie.

        Norman: Everything he says is a lie.

        Capt. Kirk: Norman, now listen carefully. I’m lying…

      2. Terror within the Inner Party, the Diversity Editor didn’t receive his orders from the City of Harvard on which was the right path. Similar to the terror of reporters initially reporting on the Rachel Dolezal transracial affair.

  5. They put the first Asian Man into space?

    I wonder what the NYT defines as Asian? Do they know where Baikonur is?

    The Soviets also launched the first dog in space. They did that before the woman. I guess so women would know their place, eh NYT?

  6. Firsts only matter when it supports leftist narratives and supports their propagandist world view. We all know if you play the game with them and name firsts that don’t support their narrative that being first no longer matters.

    I can understand why young people fall for this crap but anyone over the age of 25 should have gained enough experience to see through this type of stuff.

  7. Never mind that – by her own admission – Valentina Tereshkova was a pure PR stunt by the Soviets, a pure passenger along for the ride.

    Sally Ride actually did stuff when her time came.

    1. That is a good way to put it and in a society based on meritocracy, that point would always carry more credibility to rational people.

  8. I’ve always wondered which sections were the best for minimizing the amount of ink-based toxins introduced into fish. I am of the opinion that the full page ads often feature the most white space per sq in.


      1. Regrettably, having had first hand experience with rotted soy in large quantities, I can attest to the fact that fish smelling like that would never be eaten.

  9. Today Neil Armstrong’s sons, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin were in the Oval Office. Buzz brought his girlfriend along. I guess if you land on the moon you never really risk running out of those.

    And speaking of Dan Crenshaw and space, he tweeted a reply to Elon Musk’s girlfriend, who is a rather bizarre singer.

    Best tweet of the week.

    1. Mike and Buzz had some remarkably effusive comments about SpaceX, and not very effusive comments about SLS.

      Of course, that wasn’t the only awkward set of exchanges in that meeting. Bridenstine must have gone straight to the wet bar when he got home.

  10. So early in the week, we celebrated the launch. Today, we celebrate the landing on the moon. I’m curious what celebration are set for the safe return landing on earth?

    1. Everyone is going to lock themselves in an RV and play poker for a couple of weeks.

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