Questions For Mueller

Haven’t been listening to much, but Mueller does not seem to be acquitting himself well. Anyway, some of the questions he’s getting from Republicans (and to which he has no good answers) are described here. The remarkable thing about it is that it comes from The Nation.

[Update a few minutes later]

What rock has Mueller been hiding under that he’s never heard of Fusion GPS? Twitter responds.

[Update a few more minutes later]

Mueller is being exposed as the magician of omission on Russia.

[Mid-afternoon update]

Mueller goes from savior of the Republic to bumbling fool in the course of five hours.

Pretty obvious why he was reluctant to testify. It’s become quite clear that he didn’t lead the investigation, or even read “his” own report. He was led by his partisan investigators by the nose.

[Update a few minutes later]

Mueller was supposed to “bring the report to life,” but even an NBC analyst says that he “sucked the life out of” it.

[Update a while later]

The painful, pointless testimony of Robert Mueller.

[Thursday-morning update]

The Mueller testimony was box-office poison.

In retrospect, someone, at least toward the end, should have asked Mueller who wrote the report, since it was clear that either he hadn’t read it himself, or was so bereft of his faculties that he couldn’t recall key parts of it.

[Update a few minutes later]


House Democrats: We won’t rest until Trump is stopped…OK, time for recess.

[Update a while later]

Mueller’s performance raises questions about his handling of the investigation. You don’t say.

And was it a sign of a guilty conscience?

[Late-morning update]

Was Aaron Zebley running the Mueller probe? He’s the one who authorized the destruction of the Clinton henchpeoples’ cellphones.


8 thoughts on “Questions For Mueller”

  1. Well, actually: GOOD!

    Since Mueller is claiming that he didn’t do any investigation of Fusion GPS, etc that means there should be no pushback when the DoJ does it…..

    1. It also completely discredits him as an expect because he apparently know less about his own circus than the average member of the studio audience.

  2. I tell people close to me that if I back up the car and hit the garbage bin I placed in the driveway for pickup just 5 minutes ago, that this is not a concern.

    I tell them if I hit the garbage bin and not know why this is a problem, they need to start about openings in long-term care.

  3. Why would he investigate the Russian Lawyer’s ties to a company employed by the DOJ, DNC, Hillary campaign, and Russia? It is crazy that the SC was making determinations about Trump without looking at the underlying evidence and the origins of that evidence.

    Ten to fifteen years ago, this would have worked. There weren’t as many contrary voices in the media or on the internet that could debunk the Democrat’s media and government complexes. The work done debunking the attempted coup came from outsiders, not from the self proclaimed free press and defenders of democracy.

      1. He seems to be doing ok these days, reveared by journalists, had a movie made about how awesome he was, and the lies he told are still viewed as truth. But you are right, he did get busted at the time.

        It’s probably fair to say the turn of the century brought these changes.

  4. Everyone us getting played.

    Is Mueller really some dottering old imbecile without the ability to think?

    Its a carefully crafted deceit folks. It works because people want to think Mueller is a moron. He isn’t. He knows what is going on. This was just a variation of the, “I don’t recall.” Line politicians and government employees use to avoid having to plead the fifth or give answers that make them look bad.

    Oh, but wait! Doesn’t Mueller look bad? Not as bad as the alternative, which would have shown the SC to be a partisan scam designed to overthrow a duly elected President or the next best thing, prevent him from governing, swing the midterms, and tarnish his legacy.

    When you have the DNC media all on script saying the same thing, ask yourself why they scripted the narrative that way.

  5. “Was Aaron Zebley running the Mueller probe? He’s the one who authorized the destruction of the Clinton henchpeoples’ cellphones.”

    I would have guessed that it was Weissman.

    Wodun, I would agree with you except that if they portray Mueller as incompetent then it’s natural to assume someone else is being protected.

    You and I assumed it….the aggressive Republicans can also make that assumption.

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