10 thoughts on “An “Anti-Space” Event”

    1. That’s why I keep stockpiling ammo.

      I wonder how hard it would be to organize a protest and swamp this stupid thing? I doubt that many attend.

  1. An editor actually paid someone to record some dope’s dopey opinions and share them with the world. And journalists wonder why their industry is collapsing.

  2. We have only 12 years to save the earth from large asteroid impacts. Either we invest heavily in space infrastructure or the planet will die. Okay, so maybe not 12 years exactly, but at some point we had better get cracking or else. 97 percent of all astrophysicists agree that sooner or later the earth will get hit by a massive life killing asteroid. If you dispute that you are just dooming the earth. Also, precautionary principle.

  3. People like Mr. Smith should confine their suicidal impulses to themselves, not try to impose them on the rest of society.

  4. There are some people who genuinely believe that humanity belongs on Earth, not just in the sense that our bodies are best adapted to the terrestrial environment, but in a moral sense. That when we leave Earth, we go either as visitors or trespassers.

    I remember running into some of them in the 90’s, who were appalled at my talk of space colonies and became very determined to convince me that they were not merely impractical (a lot of people’s objection), but immoral.

  5. The graphic with the astronaut assassination on their web page is interesting. I’m not sure the high heels do much for stealth. There is much to breakdown in that image.

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