Life On The Moon

This will drive the planetary-protection people nuts:

Whether the tardigrades survived is unknown—but Spivack said if they did, there is no risk of the creatures taking over the Moon as they would need to be revived by future humans that may find them.

Yeah, it’s all fun and games until they mutate and become our giant lunar tardigrade overlords.

[Wednesday-afternoon update]

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9 thoughts on “Life On The Moon”

  1. Star Trek: Discovery powered their experimental warship with a hippopotomus-sized trans-dimensional space tardigrade controlled by a flaming gay propulsion engineer.

    I’d go on, but I really don’t think I can top that sentence.

    1. CBS and STD weren’t original enough to come up with the idea–the tardigrades and a slew of supporting characters were [allegedly, but I think the evidence is overwhelming] stolen from a computer game. There’s a lawsuit grinding along now on this.

      Anyway, now we know where/when the tardigrades came from.

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