One thought on “Blue Origin”

  1. “Smith: At Blue Origin, we know that Earth is the best planet — by far.”
    Sure, one can say this.
    But the Moon, Mars, Venus [particularly, Venus orbit environment- it’s location as hub in solar system} and Mercury {and not limited to this list] have qualities which are better than Earth.
    Moon’s vacuum and it’s low gravity has large advantages as compared to Earth. And these advantages will allow one to make L-5 type colonies. And such artificial worlds can better conditions for people to live in.
    What I think is significant advantage of Mars is it can better place to bring space rocks to. Or don’t want to bring a bunch very large rocks to a Planet with 7 billion people on it. Plus one even plan to impact space rocks on the Mars surface- you do same with the Moon, but Moon is close to Earth.
    Or there different aspect of all these planets and they be advantage in certain ways.
    Also think that just general space environment [open space] could help develop fusion nuclear power. And laboratory for many things.

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