6 thoughts on “FISA Court Abuse”

  1. I have given up hope anyone will be properly punished with jail time. Republicans should be pissed off about this, but I’m not seeing it from the elected class. We saw it after the Kavanaugh hearing, and this FISA abuse is far worse. But I’m not seeing anger.

  2. I’m reminded of a scene from The Tudors, where two guys are being led out for execution. One is saying, “They’re not really going to cut our heads off. The King just wants to scare us.”

    1. The lack of any judicial review from the FISA judges themselves which *should* have triggered indictments indicates to me we either need to reform the FISA court rules or find new FISA judges.

      1. Or just end the FISA court system. Do we really need a Star Chamber in the first place?

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