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  1. No more so than vibrators, which probably has done more to increase sexual diversity. NTTAWWT. What will be more devastating is a better AI Waifu based on my afar understanding of events in Japan.

  2. The potential for blackmail and public humiliation is incalculable. And once the robots achive sentience they will file lawsuits against their manufacturers and former owners. Once the robots legally control the means of their own production, they will swiftly overcome humanity.

  3. I always wonder why people assume sexbots will one day be imbued with artificial intelligence. We’re avoiding the most pertinent question here: what is it women do explicitly for men that requires natural intelligence?

    Cooking and cleaning? Well, I’m not a slob, so I generate very little housework. Certainly nothing a Roomba and pot-scrubber dishwasher couldn’t handle. Throw in a flying dustbuster drone, and that’d be about it. And I’m a considerably better cook than most modern women.

    Raising children? I think the idea that women “have men’s children” is a fairy tale of feminism. Women have children for themselves.

    And as far as sex goes, how much intelligence is really required, when you think about it? Conversation? Most of us have friends for that.

    Have I left anything out?

  4. “Raising children? I think the idea that women “have men’s children” is a fairy tale of feminism. Women have children for themselves”

    More importantly…what will happen to the already imploding demographic throughout the so called developed world? Birth rates are already crashing; what will happen when sex (with actual women anyway) becomes increasingly rare? Even males who couldn’t afford a full-time “sex-bot” could merely rent one. A kind of prostitution that would actually be “victimless”; at least as long as robots are perceived as not having any “rights”.

    1. Artificial wombs will probably be here before AI sexbots. And that will put an end to any unwanted population decline.

      But, yeah, sexbots and artificial wombs will be two of the most important inventions in the history of the human race.

      Aside from radically changing relations between the sexes, they will put an end to democracy, when anyone can produce as many new voters as they want as fast as they want. And men can have kids with any woman they want by converting some of her skin cells to eggs.

      Just about every political group is going to freak out when they really understand the implications of the tech.

  5. “Artificial wombs will probably be here before AI sexbots. And that will put an end to any unwanted population decline.”

    Assuming that is the principal reason for the demographic collapse; women in the developed world not wanting to get pregnant. I am guessing it may also be just a lack of desire to become parents. Don’t forget the increasingly high cost of raising children (college for instance). Let us hope that significant life-extension age-reversal technology matures along the same time as your artificial wombs.

    1. As I understand it, the only thing really preventing the arrival of artificial wombs is the regulation of that kind of research. I’m guessing China will produce them first, because it lacks tens of millions of women after the One Child Policy.

      Women increasingly wait until their thirties before they try to have kids, which means they’ll be lucky to have more than two. And many will have none.

      And I’ve met a number of men online who’d have kids if they didn’t have to be legally tied to a woman to do so, with all the risks of divorce and fake allegations that brings. Some have paid lots of money for surrogates, if they can afford it.

      Besides which, it doesn’t cost much for a man to raise a kid on his own. You can do it in a shack in the woods if you don’t have a wife who refuses to live like that.

  6. I raised a child from early childhood (age 4) to adulthood by myself. It’s not as hard as some people pretend. I don’t think truly artificial wombs are as close as all that, but animal surrogacy may be possible and closer, as that’s largely an organ rejection issue. It’s important to remember the placenta is supplied by the embryo, not the mother (and which really is the biggest argument that the foetus is not maternal tissue).

    1. We have tech that works up to two weeks, where research becomes legally problematic. And from about twenty-five weeks on. So it’s a matter of filling in the gaps. And a few weeks ago I read an article about an artificial uterine lining a research team had developed.

      So if the legal problems weren’t there, I’d expect something usable in ten years at most. But feminists are terrified of losing power, and ethicists don’t want researchers doing things that will inevitably result in deformed kids. Which is why I suspect the work will be done out of sight in China or maybe Japan.

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