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  1. –You may have noticed over the past few weeks prominent Democrats and DNC media outlets suddenly began using the phrase ‘white supremacy’ frequently and especially when discussing President Donald Trump and his supporters.–

    Hmm, isn’t “white supremacy” some white people who are losing.

    When leader of Dem, says the other political party are comprised of deplorables, does that mean the Dem are superior?

    It seems to me the “elites” are the supremacists.
    The “little people” seems like something a supremacist would say.

    But generally if someone says someone is white supremacists is suggestive of some redneck “dirt farmer” or something. Uneducated, poor, clinging to some bible or something. I guess person who thinks some other white people are “better than they are” and maybe unhappy and would prefer to be rich and famous.
    Or white supremacists are generally low class, and the opposite of imagining they belong to group which has supremacy.
    So, white supremacists could white person who wants a higher status. But meanwhile we have people and white people who thinks they are superior to most people- the Hollywood crowd, the political crowd, and etc.
    In theory, communism is not supremacy, but in theory socialism is supremacy [you have the elites [people that know what is best for everyone] controlling everyone. Or they are not public servants doing the bidding of the public, rather they know how run things.

    So point is, are they any supremacists [white or otherwise].
    It seems to me the Chinese appear to be supremacists.
    It fairly clear the China was the superpower in the history of world and wants to be the superpower of the world.
    Russians [soviets] wanted to control the world.
    When US and Soviets were the sole superpowers, and since both could be called “mostly white” you label that as white supremacy.
    But also say, if you have build ten of thousands of nuclear weapons, it a fear of losing power.

    So if supremacy is fear of losing power- that basically is the ruling class from the beginning of time.
    If you think , your group is superior and as result will gain power, that roughly, is the Chinese view [though chinese leadership is fearing losing power like any ruling class in the history]

    Anyhow, it seems the Dem continue to lose, and it’s this fear of loss of their imagined supremacy which driving them to be more crazy than normal.
    Or obviously, if they regain power, they probably stop wailing and flailing about white supremacy.

  2. How is it that Democrats celebrate places becoming less white and whites becoming a minority and then say everyone else is racist if they note the same thing? The Democrats are explicitly racist in this regard and are implementing their ideology systematically at all levels of government and in other institutions.

    The White Supremacists are not motivated by Trump, they are responding to what the Democrats are saying and doing. This works out very well for Democrats as they get to stoke hatred for white people whether or not some idiot falls for their bait. It’s another example of setting up a next best or winning from tertiary actions.

    Will it backfire? Calling a white person racist is one of the worst insults in our society. Will it backfire or will those concerned with their perceived status bow down in order to show they are not like those other terrible white people? Tough to say. It could be a case of less is more, where a low level long time attack that picks people off the edges is more effective than a fast paced overly sensational one that targets entire populations. But much like this sudden twitch toward Marxism, it could be a sign they are finally confident enough that society is ready for them to drop the mask.

  3. Interesting analysis by Brian Cates.

    But, I think he is making a possibly incorrect assumption. He ascribes the “white supremacy” hysterics to a cynical political power move. And there may indeed be much of that going on.

    But what if most of that hysteria comes from the honest beliefs of most of those pushing the hysteria? What if they believe their own B.S.? That they really believe that half the nation are no better than Nazis?

    The problem here is more than just a potential catastrophic collapse of Democratic Party political power, because they latch onto a dumb counter-productive tactic. This might be an indicator of a real crisis, a crisis of too many people with too much power believing catastrophically dangerous ideas.

    1. Democrats don’t know how to fight, because they haven’t had to for at least fifty years. They expect to just demand something and have the right roll over and give it to them. Once the right started fighting back, the Democrats had no tactic but to shriek louder and threaten violence against people who can’t fight back.

  4. Dems gave up their brand liberal and claimed they were progressive, will Dem give up on Dem and call themselves the socialists party.

    It’s “conservative” to keep the name of oldest political party.
    It would be dumb, that conservatives would actually want to save the brand of this oldest and most racist political party.

    Biden is only vaguely not following the lead of Bernie, the socialist- all the rest candidates of the leading candidates, are all in.

    If Biden is chosen, I would guess the Dems will probably keep calling themselves Democrats

    1. Biden’s far too old, white and male for the modern Democrat party. Maybe if he was to come out as a trans-black trans-lesbian he might have a chance, but even then the videos of him with kids would put off many of the cat-ladies the Democrats rely on to vote them into office.

  5. One thing you can say about white supremacists: If they’re no better than Nazis, well, they’re probably no worse than Nazis. Who’s worse than Hitler, you ask? Let’s see… Stalin. Beria. Trotsky. Castro. Pol Pot. Hugo Chavez… The list is pretty much endless.

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