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  1. Be sure to read the authors expansion on the article in the comments (commenter Lorenz).

    Just to provide some particulars, I was asked to fill in temporarily, which I did beginning in mid-October 2018. Two weeks later, an absurdly high and unnecessary school tax levy passed on November 5 (about $110 million) due to a heavy propaganda campaign. I was so disgusted by its passage and the raucous celebration at an all-hands meeting that I resigned on November 10 after giving it much thought over several days

    My wife had an almost identical experience a year or so prior (around 2017) (excluding the resignation part). She is not a teacher, her career was in public school finance. She was intimately familiar with the particulars, and needless to say the revenue from the tax increase presented challenges. Related to how to spend it, since it was completely unnecessary. It passed largely because it was framed as mostly a business tax increase, and there was no interest on the part of the local media (or anyone else really) to explore what the district’s finances actually looked like. It would have ruined the narrative since the district had plenty of money and just didn’t need any more.

    She did get one pleasant experience from it: One day she was tasked with taking a call from an irate local businessman, a restaurant owner who couldn’t understand why his tax bill had gone from 20k to 38k a month literally overnight. She did have a little fun with it.

  2. https://greatschoolvoices.org/2019/08/stop-asking-and-answering-other-peoples-questions-thinking-differently-about-choosing-a-good-school/

    ” I think economically privileged parents — a lot of us white, a lot of us without strong religious guidance — swallow a lot of crap. We … don’t pause and wonder what it is we’re digesting on a daily basis: … the usual and longstanding lies of whiteness (that there is never enough opportunity or money, that we are never personally responsible for our nation’s past or present violence, that we are essentially neutral characters in a tragic drama).

  3. My son graduate public high school in 1993, and my second wife was a public high school teacher. Even back then, the whole thing seemed like a vast criminal enterprise. I graduated in 1968. Back then, it seemed like a jobs program for idiots with degrees. (“Those who can, do; those who can’t teach.”) But… looking back, I can see the beginnings of the criminal enterprise when I was in the 7th grade, with the introduction of “New Math” to the curriculum.

  4. Actually, I offered to stay until they found replacement. Even worse, now that they got the $110 million, they feel empowered and are planning to do it again! Soon the full 6,500 word essay with even more of the comedic details will be available.

    1. I remained until the mid-term in mid-January. That school is a farce, and the shrieking on the blogs has already started. No content-filled objections. Instead, it is all pearl clutching, denial, ad hominem attacks (they don’t even teach logic anymore!), and three attempts at libel. I’ve fought two of them off, but the last one is from a halfwit graduate of that school who cannot even understand what libel is. He/she will live in mommy’s basement forever.

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