4 thoughts on “Snopes And The Babylon Bee”

  1. It Is hilarious, isn’t it! Various people in the commentariat and entertainment fields have been playing Clown Nose On/Clown Nose Off™ and it is great to see them being mocked for it.

  2. I remember being at NASA with 30+ yr old coworkers that were proud that they only news they watched was “The Daily Show”. Snopes existed back then, so did WaPo. Heck, albeit is boring as hell; “The Daily Show” still exists today.

    The linked article is excellent. It does seem the modern progressive needs to be told what to think. Then again, Orwell predicted this, so perhaps not just the modern version.

  3. Snopes’ bias can be seen by their differing treatments of Neal and Neil.

    Neal Larson slams a public figure with a false story. Neal admits his error and apologizes.

    Neil Tyson slams a public figure with a false story. Neil admits his error and apologizes.

    The Larson fiasco was Snopes worthy. Tyson’s Bush and Star Names debacle has never been mentioned by Snopes so far as I can tell.

    There are differences between the Neal and Neil flubs.

    So far as I can tell Neal told his erroneous story once. Neil’s falsehoods were a standard part of his routine for eight years.

    Although Neal mistook satire as fact, the gist is still accurate. Neil is, in fact, a pompous buffoon. A lot of people were taken in by the Clickhole piece. Combining Clarke’s and Poe’s Laws: Any sufficiently inflated ego is indistinguishable from satire.

    Neil’s accusations were more serious. He had Bush “attempting to distinguish we from they” in the wake of 9-11. That’s what Republican presidents do, right? They exploit tragedy to sow division and whip up fear. Or so Tyson et al would have you believe. Bush’s actual 9-11 speech was a call for tolerance and inclusion.

    I’m not against slamming Republicans or religion if it’s fact based criticism. But Tyson’s cautionary tales are fiction. Tyson has dropped many steaming piles of alternate facts

    But it seems some alternate facts escape Snopes’ attention. If they happen to come from someone they sympathize with.

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