2 thoughts on “Bodie”

  1. If you want to see a modern ghost town, drive through Jeffrey City, Wyo on US-287. It was built up originally to support the nearby uranium mines. Then, “no nukes” happened, and no more mining. The same for Moab, Utah, but Moab isn’t in the middle of nowhere.

    A couple of years ago Jeffrey City finally got a gas pump, just in time for the eclipse. I’ve never had to courage to stop in and see what the Monk-King-Bird Pottery actually sells.

  2. I did part of my growing up in La Sal Creek Canyon, in the mountains outside Moab, where my Dad worked for USGS and was part of the team that prospected for and opened the mines for uranium, thorium, and vanadium. Where we lived (in a travel trailer) is now a Superfund site. I broke my leg in Moab one day when I was run down by an older lad on a bike. Ironic, because these days Moab is the mountain bike capital of the universe. When I get the chance, I’m going to scatter my Dad’s ashes in La Sal Creek.

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