4 thoughts on “Nuclear Power”

  1. “Now do space.”


    MainCharacter: the bad guy’s spacecraft is 60 kilometers ahead of us.
    Spaceship captain: ok. We’ll just slow down a bit and catch up to him in a couple orbits.
    Actually, this is kind of hard. Can I just refer you to The Martian?

  2. “Now do space.” Part Deux:

    MainCharacter: “Navigator. Our rocketship is heading Right. At. The. Moon!”
    Navigator: “It won’t be there when we cross the moon’s orbit.”
    MainCharacter: “Okay. Carry on then.”

  3. McClane tried not to move his head as he floated in his sleep sack. He kept his eyes closed as when they were open, everything spun just a little bit making it harder not to move his head and it made it easier to notice things weren’t were they were supposed to be, like the floor and ceiling.

    “Come out to space, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…” Can’t poop, can’t sleep, but the puking is easy enough. They have pills for it and they might work just in time for the trip home. One person suggested wiggling his toes. McClane tried it but looking at his toes brought on another bout of barfing. This is how he ended up in his sleeping sack trying to sleep away the misery. If only it wasn’t for all that banging, he might be able to get some rest. Why couldn’t Holly have taken a job a little closer to home?

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