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  1. STOP IT, Rand. Biden is now in a 3 way tie with Democratic Socialists. Let Biden be the face of the Denocrats. You are right about keeping him on life support through the convention.

  2. I’ve never seen anything to indicate Joe Biden is crazy. He’s just incredibly stupid and always has been. They don’t call him “Slow Joe” for nothing.

  3. “Dementia” and “crazy” are not the same thing. My Mom is 11 years older than Biden, and for the past 11 years, I’ve watched her faculties deteriorate. She’s in assisted living, almost at the level of Alzheimer’s care (though she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s).

    She has known all along (and still does) that she’s slipping away, and it used to make her really mad – she was a very, very sharp individual. But now she will start a sentence, come to a point where she can’t come up with a word, and flail mentally for a few minutes until she forgets what she had started to say in the first place. She’s aware of it, and frustrated by it.

    Biden is about where she was eight years ago, from everything I have seen. He’s not crazy, but he is starting to fade. I don’t find it amusing at all, and really don’t want to make fun of him. I also don’t want him in the White House.

    1. It’s sad when people can’t recognize it’s time for them to step off the stage. Biden has never been as smart as he ever imagined he was, but he clearly is losing it.

      1. Rand,

        We have to remember that these fools are surrounded by yes-men and yes-women who will tell the fool whatever he or she wants to hear. It’s their meal ticket right?

        So if you were a crumb-eating Biden remora you’d take every opportunity to keep the old geezer going for as long as possible so that your cushy job and income (and to some degree influence in D.C.) is continued as long as possible.

        I suspect many of the remoras don’t really care about their boss…other than as a money and influence trough.

  4. Biden’s the only one that can come off as moderate even if brain damaged. Fauxcahontas and Bernie are so far to the left they’ll be singing the Internationale instead of the Star Spangled Banner.

    1. Except that Biden allowed himself to get sucked into the Lefty Bidding War. So he screwed himself there too.

    1. I’m not as old as Biden but I’m old enough to remember when trolling was practised with a wit like unto that of Wilde himself.

      There were giants in the Internet in those days.

      1. You go to the comments with the trolls you have, not the trolls you might want or wish to have from an earlier time.

        1. +100

          And might I add, there are the known trolls, the unknown trolls, the known trolls you wish were unknown.

  5. I have to agree with Joe Biden on this one. He’s got facts on his side.
    The pertinent fact is, it’s not possible to go somewhere you’re already at.

  6. I don’t think it’s a good idea to wish for collapsing candidates. I’d rather a tough contest than a series of annointed candidates who never face a challenge and never have to fix anything.

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